City makes progress on upcoming projects

The City of Mustang is moving forward on plans for multiple projects, the City Manager’s Report confirmed.
There are multiple ongoing capital projects including the Wastewater Treatment Plant, South Mustang Road, the Mustang Town Center expansion, Southwest 89th Street (Highway 4 to Mustang Road), Brittany’s Play Adventure playground and the Mustang Animal Shelter.
Wastewater Treatment Plant
The Phase II C and D Engineering Report was approved by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) on Nov. 28 of last year. The final plan must be submitted by Oct. 1 of this year, but city officials plan submit prior to the deadline, “most likely” this month, according to the City Manager’s Report.
With the recommended changes from ODEQ, construction will tentatively be scheduled to begin early next year.
“Wastewater is what’s going on right now, but water treatment will have some things coming up in the future,” said Justin Battles, assistant city manager. “They’re wrapping up their plans and getting ready to submit their final plan. We’ve walked through with them, we’re getting them ready, we’ll submit them sometime soon.”
Once the final plan is approved by ODEQ, the project will go to bid. Battles said he expects the bid process for the project to happen in either January or February of next year.
Battles said he didn’t want to say too much about the plan in case ODEQ didn’t approve it, but he doesn’t see any scenario where the plans aren’t approved since they’ve been walking through the whole process with them to get everything in line.
The project was included in the Sales Tax Extension approved by voters last August.
South Mustang Road
South Mustang Road will be widened to a three-lane curb and gutter street starting at the railroad tracks to State Highway 152. It will also include a five-foot sidewalk on the west side of the street, as well as curb and gutter and put in sidewalks on Juniper and Dowden Drives.
The City of Mustang planned to begin widening Mustang Road this summer, but due to ongoing conversations with landowners the widening may be pushed back, said Charles Bradley, deputy superintendent for Mustang Public Schools, during the June Board of Education meeting on June 12.
Battles said there are still three corporate properties that the city is still conversing with to try to acquire right of way, but he thinks they will be done in next few weeks.
Utility companies were notified last week to get ready to begin utility relocation. The only side of utilioty relocation the City of Mustang will have is the water line. The city already has their plans that have been approved by ODEQ, they’re just waiting to go to bid until they have all the property acquisitions.
The project then depends on how long utility relocation will take, but construction will begin as soon as that’s done.
Battles said he’s unsure how long utility relocation will take because the city is working with private and public companies, with things like electric that they don’t control.
“It’s hard to say how long they will take,” Battles said. “We’ve kept the school in the loop. We feel like it’ll probably be after school starts when construction begins—when what we actually call blacktop surfacing would begin.”
Town Center expansion
The Town Center expansion will include doubling the size of the aerobics room, putting in new senior parking on the north side of the building, expanding the gym to include two new courts, expanding the indoor walking trail and adding some space for cardio equipment upstairs. There will also be a new room added to the west side of the gym that will be used for birthday parties, camps and more.
City officials and members of the Leisure Services Board design team met with Red Prairie Design to review plans in mid-June. The plans are complete and the project is currently out for bid.
Battles said the bids should be approved by the second City Council meeting in August and the contract would usually begin Sept. 1 to break ground in October.
“If it moves faster than that I’ll be shocked,” Battles said. “Every so often you get where you can accept the bids and award the contract on the same agenda, but it normally doesn’t work out that way.”
Battles said the expansion will make a huge difference to residents who use the Town Center.
“The facility was built back in 98—well was approved in 98 and began construction in 2000 and opened in 2002. It was built for between 10,000 to 12,000 residents and we’re at 20,000 plus now. You can really go there any evening, specifically 6-8:30 p.m., and the mornings are very similar. The weekends are obviously very busy as well,” Battles said. “We just expect [the expansion] to really give our members who come into the center to have more space to utilize. We also feel like it will allow us to have more memberships and more people to take the option to get a general membership to play basketball, use the walking trail, etc. It’s just going to really benefit them. Many of our longtime citizens will tell you that the citizens who have been coming to the facility since it’s opened really need it. They’re ready.”
Southwest 89th Street
City officials are at 50 percent plans on the design for 89th street between Mustang and Sara Road.
“We did a plan review about two weeks ago,” Battles said.
The mile section will become a four-lane road and improve the intersections at each section line to five lanes.
The intersection of Highway 4 and 89th Street will be five lanes for Eastbound and Westbound traffic and the intersection of Mustang Road on the north, east and west side will become five lanes. The south side belongs to Oklahoma City and not to Mustang.
“The traffic flow we have on 152—it’ll help alleviate that, it’ll provide better function on our section line roads, as well as access to the school,” Battles said.
“Southwest 89th is probably a project like South Mustang Road where you have to acquire a little bit of right of way, some easement, so it takes a little bit of time.”
Preliminary approval for a traffic signal at Highway 4 and Southwest 89th Street has been received by Cowan Group Engineering from the Department of Transportation.
The project was included in the Sales Tax Extension approved last August.
Brittany’s Play Adventure
Brittany’s Play Adventure, an all-inclusive playground, will soon be getting its landscaping and fencing.
The Leisure Services Board reviewed landscape designs for the area around the playground provided by Scapes Inc. When a final design is chosen, the plan will be put in place.
The fencing will be around the playground for safety, with multiple gate locations.
Animal Shelter
The Mustang Police Department had a “very productive preliminary meeting” with Red Prairie Design Group for the expansion/renovation project, but no further information was given in the City Manager’s Report.
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“We really try to put everything in the City Manager’s Report,” Battles said. “Sometimes with government, we’re a little bit hesitant to do timelines juts because of some of the red tape that comes with that, and rightfully so. We throw out a lot of timelines, but we’re hesitant to say ‘this is exactly when it’ll be done because you just don’t know.”

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