Boulder Design: Business owner’s success is carved in stone

After 15 years of doing the same thing, Jim Craig decided he needed to take a chance.

That chance has become Boulder Design by Craig Custom Stone.

He opened his operations just west of Yukon about three months ago with his wife, Shannon.

“I had a desk job for Lexus/Nexus,” he said.

Craig said he was looking to make a change, and after seeing Boulder Design at a home and garden show in Moore, he contacted the company about becoming a franchisee.

“It was a huge leap of faith,” she said.

After going through a variety of classes to learn about the company, the Craigs opened their operation.

“The training and support from our corporate offices has been impeccable,” Craig said.

Since opening, the company has completed more than 100 projects. Some take a few days, others take weeks.

Most recently, the couple created a custom boulder that will greet visitors to the Yukon City Park.

The couple donated the 4,000-pound stone that feature’s Yukon’s logo.

“Business has been good. Just starting out, it is hard to get your name out there. But it has been a positive reaction we have dealt with,” he said.

The custom boulders can have whatever design the customer wants. A good portion of those the company has worked on at this point have the customer’s name on it.

“The response has been fantastic from the general public,” he said.

A lot of their customers have come from word of mouth.

“it is something unique, something innovative and something no one else will have,” Craig said.

Shannon Craig said they participate in a lot of home and garden shows, and have gotten good response.

Jim Craig said the decision to donate the boulder to the park came after the city has received less than positive news coverage over the past year.

“We talked about it and it was like ‘Why not do something fantastic and great for our city, and it something positive that we can give to our community. Something people can enjoy, something no other city in the metro really has anything like. Let’s donate this and make the citizens of Yukon feel good about our Yukon City Parks,’” he said.

“It gives them something to be excited about,” said Craig.

The project took about two weeks to complete once work began. However, Craig said the couple had been working with city officials for about six months to get the project underway.

“It has been a work in progress,” Shannon Craig said.

And once it was finished, they wasted no time getting it installed.

Craig said it was important for it to be in place before Freedom Fest.

The stone was unveiled Friday.

What better time to unveil it than just before the city’s biggest festival, Craig said.

Craig said it is the company’s goal to expand into commercial signage, as well as those for personal use. They are taking things one day at a time.

“They are such a unique product. No two boulders are the same. Each customer gets a boulder that is designed to their specifications and their logos,” he said.

And when the project is completed, Craig said the know they have done a good job because of the customer’s reaction.

“It is such a good feeling for us whenever people see our work and they love it. You see the smile on their face. It makes all the hard work, the blood, sweat and tears come to fruition,” he said.

For more information, contact Craig at 301-1698.

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