Local Marine helps bring Wall of Remembrance to Yukon

When the non-profit Rear Area Support Foundation was traveling through Oklahoma in 2015 with its Global War on Terror Wall of Remembrance and its truck broke down, Brandon Crusha came to the rescue.

Crusha, who is a retired Marine and a veteran of the Iraqi War, came to the rescue.

Crusha owns Brotherhood Garage at 909 W. Main in Yukon. He repaired the vehicle and got the organization back on the road.

The vehicle broke down again in 2016. Again, it was Crusha who came to the rescue.

“I did all the work for nothing so we could keep the wall traveling around the nation,” he said.

Crusha said he had an opportunity to visit with the organization, to learn about what they are doing. However, he’s never seen the Wall of Remembrance set up.

That will change during Freedom Fest.

Crush has paid $6,500 to bring the Wall of Remembrance to the festival. It will be erected Monday and will be open to the public during Freedom Fest.

“I know we have a strong veteran background here, and I wanted to share it with others in the community,” Crusha said.

Crusha served two tours in Iraq and was with the U.S. Marines from 2004 to 2013.

“This really means the world to me. These guys built this thing without government funding,” he said.

The memorial will be displayed at the Freedom Trail basketball court, just north of Freedom Trail Playground.

The memorial is 110 feet long and 6 feet high with two sides, according to a news release from the city of Yukon.

One side is a full-color timeline about the global war on terror from 1983 to today. The second side bears the names of all the military, heroes and victims from Beirut to attacks in San Bernadino, Calif.

The wall contains about 11,000 names.

The wall was first displayed Sept. 11, 2011, and has been on display in 38 states.

Crusha said the wall contains the names of several friends who have died fighting the war on terrorism.

Officials say the wall will be available for viewing from noon Monday until about midnight Tuesday.

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