Mustang football: Broncos use 7-on-7 passing league to improve

By Michael Kinney

Contributing Writer

Jeremy Dombek’s mindset was a little different than most of the other. Entering the annual Shamrock Shoot-Out 7 on 7 passing tournament, his Mustang squad wasn’t trying to win the class 6A state football.

For Dombek and his Broncos, the tourney was just a chance to get better and compete.

“We’re not big 7-on-7 team. It’s not what we do,” Dombek said. “There’s some good things out of it. Nothing against any other teams, but they actually seem like they have a whole different scheme and scenario. Playing linebackers 15 yards deep when it’s first… Just it’s a whole different game. We don’t do that. We play how we would play on a Friday night and stick with what we would do in a regular situation. Sometimes that’s tough, but we’ve seen some good things.”

Mustang was one of 16 teams on hand at Bishop Guinness High School Saturday. The all-day event featured various classes and sizes.

“Our young secondary guys, we got two of our starters that aren’t here with us today, our two corners, and so it’s a good opportunity to get some of those young pups some reps,” Dombek said. “It is what it is. It’s good to be out here compete, and throw, and catch. It’s been a good day.”

The Irish won the tournament when they defeated Oklahoma Christian in the title game. Both teams advanced to Sunday’ East West showdown along with Midwest City and Chisholm. They took on the top four teams from Comet Clash, which included Bixby, who won the entire event Sunday in Stroud.

While Mustang didn’t finish in the top four, it was an opportunity for the Broncos to get reps and more reps. They faced teams like Stillwater, Norman, Moore and Oklahoma Christian.

“Anytime we can get our young kids repetitions against somebody else in a different color jersey is a good thing,” Dombek said. “That’s why we do this. Like I said, we don’t game plan for it. We don’t try to win. We don’t put a whole lot of stock into it. We’re just looking and seeing our kids how they react to certain situations, how we drive certain routes. No, it’s good. It’s good for them. Like I said, we’re obviously not where we want to be defensively so that’s why we’ve got to do as much as this stuff as we can. “

The MHS coaching staff liked what they saw from the quarterbacks. That includes the starter Brayden Garrett his backups.

“Obviously, our starter wasn’t at team camp and that gave Hayden White an opportunity to come in,” Dombek said. “He had a great team camp, grew up a lot. It’s a very comforting feeling to have knowing that you’ve got two good ones. Love the way Brayden’s throwing the ball today. He’s missed a couple, but all in all he’s putting it on the money and throwing the ball with a lot of velocity. He needs the reps because he’s been gone. But he’s been up there so this is his first time back getting ready to throw it. He looks really good.”

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