Lease renewal, disposal of property highlight county agenda

EL RENO – Canadian County officials could approve of the disposal of several computers and almost 30 vehicles Monday when they meet in their regular meeting.

The agenda calls for the commissioners to declare several pieces of outdated technology as surplus in District 1. Those included a computer, monitor, speakers and keyboard. All are valued at less than $500.

In addition, the sheriff’s office has asked than 29 vehicles be declared surplus. They range in age from 1999 model to a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria.

Most of the vehicles are retired Crown Victoria patrol vehicles, although there are two motorcycles and two pickups.

Also on the agenda:

·         Selection of members to serve on the El Reno Tax Increment District Project Committee;

·         Consideration of a termination letter with Boyton Williams and Associates dissolving their relationship with Canadian County. The company had worked with the county on a roof renovation and air conditioning project;

·         Consider six month bids;

·         Consider advertising for bids for road rock and concrete;

·         Consider a crossing permit for Tom-Stack LLC at N.  Chiles Road and NW 234;

·         Consider several renewal leases for equipment;

·         Consider an agreement for prison labor services;

·         Payment of right-of-way expenses for a project on Calumet Road;

·         Renewal of contracts with CoStar Realty Information;

·         Renewal of lease agreements with Standley Systems for several copiers;

·         Renewal of a lease agreement with Summit Mailing and Shipping;

·         Approval of agreements with Beckham, Custer, Jackson, Johnston and Payne counties for use of the Canadian County Juvenile Justice Center;

·         Approval of a contract with the Department of Human Services for maintenance costs at the Juvenile Justice Center;

·         Approval of a contract with the Mustang School District for alternative education services;

·         Approval of receiving and requisitioning officers;

·         Approval of a renewal agreement with Dimensional Concepts;

·         Approval of an agreement with Oklahoma Copier Solutions;

·         Approval of a renewal agreement with CoreLogic;

·         Approval of lease renewals with Core Logic, Summit Mailing and Shipping, and OneSource Managed Services;

·         Approval of a lease renewal  with Dell Financial Services;

·         Approval of a contract with WestLaw for research services;

·         Approval of a lease renewal with Pitney Bowes Financial Services and One Source Managed Services;

·         Approval of a lease agreement for a 2014 Chevrolet Tahoe for the emergency management department;

·         Approval of a contract with Turn Key Health to provide services to inmates at the Canadian County jail;

·         Approval of an agreement with Canadian County Technology Center to provide security;

·         Approval to begin eviction proceedings on property the county obtained during the June treasurer’s sale.

The meeting will begin at 9 a.m. Monday in the county courthouse in El Reno.

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