Canadian County towns see sales tax increase

For only the third time in 12 months, the city of Yukon had an increase in sales tax.

In fact, every city in the county saw an increase in sales tax for the month of June, according to a report from the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

In Yukon, the increase was about $37,000 over last year’s check from the tax commission.

According to the report, Yukon received $1,696,026.22 for 2017. The 2016 check was $1,659,128.29.

Last month, Yukon received a check for $1,764,721.84.

The last time Yukon received a positive check was in March. The city also saw a sales tax increase in January.

The city continues to receive positive news from its use tax revenue. Use tax is paid on items that were purchased online or were purchased elsewhere for use in Yukon.

Yukon’s use tax check was for $111,843.61. That is up from $81,873.57 last year.

In all, Canadian County communities received checks totaling $3,418,412 for June returns.

The county’s other two large communities also saw increases.

Mustang had one of the largest increases in the county, jumping from $813,370.73 last year to $881,452.65 this year.

El Reno increased by about $6,000 its sales tax returns. This year’s check was for $950,277.10. Last year’s check was $944,984.93.

Several smaller communities also benefited this year. Calumet almost doubled its return, jmping from $20,754.29 to $38,597.14.

Geary, which receives checks related to business in both Canadian and Blaine counties, saw its Canadian County share climb to $23,585.17. Last year, the return check was $18,709. The Blaine County share jumped almost five times, going from $17,458.74 to $74,900.29.

Okarche, which receives tax checks related to business in both Canadian and Kingfisher counties, received a $28,190.98 check for Canadian County business. Last year’s check was $20,690.30.

For Kingfisher County business, Okarche received $38,856.89 for June. That compares to $34,887.47 for the 2016 check.

Piedmont also receives two checks, one from Canadian County, the other from Kingfisher County.

Union City received a check for $24,130.52, which is up from $16,662.56 last year.

The Canadian County portion was $146,617.18 compared to the 2016 check of $139,440.53.

The Kingfisher County check was $2,603.24. There was no check in 2016.

Union City received a check for $24,130.52. That is up almost $8,000 from the $16,662.55 check received in 2016.

Oklahoma City received $1,362,462.36 in Canadian County proceeds. That is up more than $300,000 over last year’s total of $1,049,066.70.

Canadian County’s sales tax generated a check for $542,070.40. Last year’s check was $450,235.91.

Meanwhile, use tax checks were up across the county.

El Reno and Okarche continued to receive extremely large checks.

El Reno received a check for $290,219.67 compared to $110,603.09 last year.

Mustang’s check was for $37,138.87, up slightly from the $32,097.27 received last year.

Okarche’s check from 2016 was $1,602.87. This year’s check for June was $179,679.06.

Oklahoma City’s check was for $417,707.19, which is double the $203,465.06 received for Canadian County business last year.

Piedmont received a check for $15,508.10 compared to $9,166.65 for last June.

Union City’s check for June was $11,277.81, compared to $1,723.31.

The county’s check was more than double last June’s check, which was $46,666.56. This year’s check was $119,652.39.

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