New pet grooming business opens in Mustang

Dogs and cats in Mustang have a new groomer to try out.
Fluffy Mustaches Pet Grooming opened Tuesday at 135 Cedar Branch Way Suite 107.
Owner Lisa Walter has been grooming pets for 12 years and before that was doing dog bathing for two years.
She began bathing at PetSmart when she was 15 years old, and she said she just had a connection with the animals.
“I grew up in foster care and animals were the only thing that kept me feeling safe,” Walter said. “I’ve just always had a passion for them because they don’t have a voice themselves and I kind of could relate to that of being a kid and being neglected. Being a voice for them is important to me so I volunteer with the Bella Foundation and wherever else is needed.”
The manager at PetSmart told Walter she had a lot of potential and she should look into pursuing grooming, but at the time Walter decided not to pursue it because she had her daughter at a young age and it wasn’t the right time.
“I had just been putting it off then I finally said, ‘okay, I’m going to do it. I’m going to learn how to do it,’” Walter said.
She then found a salon that took her under their wing and allowed her to groom while being trained.
“In the beginning, any groomer is going to have an accident. You may accidently nip them or this that and another so she took me under her wing to help me avoid those kind of things,” Walter said.
From there, Walter worked at multiple grooming salons and decided she didn’t like how other people did it. She said she didn’t like the way they would charge extra for little things like teeth brushing or nail trimming.
“I’m not trying to bash other groomers, I’m just saying I want to do things differently,” she said.
Before owning her grooming business, Walter left grooming because she went into the mental health field to be a therapist, but she said she just couldn’t handle it.
Prior to owning the physical location, Walter was mobile and would go to people’s homes to groom their pets.
Walter’s husband, Jeremy, owns the business with her and is the reason Walter now has the physical location.
“It’s exciting, but it’s scary at the same time. I’m dealing with the secretary of state and filling out all this paperwork and it’s intimidating,” Walter said.
Walter prides herself in offering high quality, but affordable grooming to all sizes of dogs and cats.
“My goal is to provide for my community, including the Yukon area, discounted grooms and quality service, not just crummy scissor work, and be affordable. I want people to be able to walk away and say, ‘wow, you only charge that amount,’” Walter said. “My prices will have to go up some being in the new building, but it’s not going to go up much.”
Walter said with most pet groomers it’s more expensive because they’re paying half to the shop and half to the groomer, but she wants to cut that out.
“My heart is all the way in this. Yes, it’s nice for the income, but it’s a dream of mine that I’ve always had and I don’t like when I see people’s faces and them say ‘oh man, I wish I could, but that’s just too much,’” Walter said.
Walter offers multiple services included in her one price, including teeth brushing, ears cleaning, nail clipping, temporary hair dyes, sports emblems, bows or bow ties, and “doggie bling,” which are little earrings that last about a week.
“I just love doing stuff like that and I don’t want to charge extra for stuff like that. It’s all included,” Walter said.
She also just offers maintenance for a lower price than the full groom.
Walter services all size dogs.
She also hopes to look at renting out rooms in her location to other local groomers. They would not be her employees, but would just be sharing a space.
Fluffy Mustaches is going to be a member of the Mustang Chamber of Commerce, and is also a pet CPR and first aid certified groomer.
“I wanted my business to be here in Mustang because it’s growing like crazy, but I feel safe here. I feel comfortable here. I like the way things run and flow, and how much the community is involved in everything and how much people are willing to help you when you need it. I think this is just the perfect place to open a business,” Walter said.
Walter said she’s also looking forward to being able to bring her children, Ariel and Zaidyn, with her to work. She has a children’s room set up for them at the salon.
Ariel, 10, helped come up with the name of Fluffy Mustaches a few years ago when Walter was pregnant with Zaidyn, 2, and now Ariel wants Walter to teach her how to groom.
“I’m looking forward to just finally living this dream that I’ve had for so long—opening this place, having a location for my clients actually to come in,” Walter said.
For more information, call 885-3660.


  1. Lisa Walter on June 15, 2017 at 7:19 pm


  2. Sarita Blackburn on June 16, 2017 at 8:12 am

    Just took my scraggly boy there yesterday, wow does he look great! It is certainly worth the drive from Yukon. She will be his groomer from now on, for sure! The prices are awesome, especially if you live on a budget. Your companion can still look great! TY

    • Lisa Walter on June 23, 2017 at 6:05 pm

      Thank You so much!!!! I enjoyed meeting you!!!

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