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New filing system OK’d for election board

The Canadian County Election Board may soon have a little more space.
The county commissioners on Monday opened bids and awarded a contract for a new filing system for the election board.
The contract is with Hanel Storage Systems for $43,488.20, and will be similar to a system used by the Canadian County Health Department. Hanel Storage’s bid was the only one submitted.
The bid includes installation.
Election board secretary Wanda Armold said the system is direly needed, adding that space in their office is limited.
It is further limited by the thousands of pieces of paperwork for which they do not have storage.
Armold said the new system is set up so that space in the ceiling is utilized for storage. That area, she said, is now dead space.
Armold said the county is saving money by using storage trays that already are in place. There was no need to buy additional trays.
In addition, because the county did not have a special countywide election this year, the election board has ample funds to pay for the equipment.
“I have money left in my budget,” she said.
Allen Arnold, the assistant election board secretary, said there were more than 15,000 voter registrations completed in the last few months of last year.
Armold said the current cabinets only hold about 8,000.
“We’ve got registrations all over our office and we just need to get them into a cabinet,” she said.
Armold said it will take several weeks before the system can be installed because it must be ordered from Germany. However, she is hopeful it can be completed by later this fall.

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