Mustang Road project delayed

The City of Mustang planned to begin widening south Mustang Road this summer, but due to ongoing conversations with landowners the widening may be pushed back, the deputy superintendent said Monday.
During his report at Monday’s Board of Education meeting, Deputy Superintendent Charles Bradley said the widening of Mustang Road should still begin this summer, but may be pushed back later into August when school is either about to begin or just starts up.
The initial plan was for the widening project to begin in July or early August at the latest.
The project includes widening Mustang Road to a three-lane curb and gutter street starting at the railroad tracks to State Highway 152. It will also include a five-foot sidewalk on the west side of the street. The project will also curb and gutter Juniper and Dowden Drives and add sidewalks to those streets.
The timeline of the project is still unknown, but Assistant City Manager Justin Battles said Mustang Road will remain open throughout the length of the project.
There are no other updates on the project at this time.

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