Mustang author to publish third novel

A Mustang author is looking forward to his third novel being published in October.
Henry Cline, 22, graduated from Mustang High School in 2013. While other seniors may have just been focused on graduating, Cline was focused on creating a new version of his novel The Platinum Briefcase, which he originally wrote at just 13 years old.
“Towards the end of my senior year of high school, I felt more comfortable in starting a new version so I did,” Cline said.
Although the novel to be released in October is much different than the version Cline’s 13-year-old self wrote, the title stayed the same.
The Platinum Briefcase is set in the year 1976 in Detroit, Michigan.
“Violence and crime roam the streets daily looking for new victims to punish, and our main character is no exception,” Cline described. “Eighteen-year-old Victor Carez used to live the high and mighty life with his father’s multi-million dollar company, but after its collapse, Victor and his parents are forced to move to Detroit to relocate. He has no friends, no one likes his family for bankrupting so many hard-working families, and on top of it all, the collapse of his father’s company sends Victor’s father into a dark world of alcohol and abuse and his mother reverts to a daydreaming alcoholic state.
“Victor meets with the Chief of Police every Wednesday night to get the one nourishing meal he deserves but their pure friendship is soon shattered by a young man named Danny Ponchello, whose father is rumored to be a mafia crime boss in Detroit. Danny saves Victor at school from constant bullying and befriends him. Victor says over and over that he doesn’t want to be in the gang, but eventually he dives face first into the criminal underworld and struggles to make his way out through a dark and disturbing two-year-time span full of crime, hate and rage.”
Cline expects readers to get a lot of things from the novel because he said he’s never able to pinpoint just one theme in his books.
“Some that come to mind are don’t be too trusting, think important decisions through, don’t betray friends… light hearted things like that,” Cline joked.
The novel is being published through Sands Press, a publisher based out of Ontario, Canada. Cline was picked by the publishing company through a contest on Twitter.
The Platinum Briefcase will be released Oct. 30 in Canada, but Cline said the release date may change because the American distributor may change the date by a week or two.
There may be multiple release parties for the novel once it’s released, but nothing is decided upon yet.
The book is available for early readings and reviews on Cline is also running a pre-order campaign on—just type in his name or the book title to pre-order.
Once the book is released, any local bookseller will be able to get them in stock and it will be available on Amazon.
Cline plans to do a tour for out-of-state readers.
Cline’s other two published novels include Development Code: RED, which was published when he was 15, and Too Close for Comfort, which was published when he was 20.
They were both self-published, but are being considered for republication and distribution.
Cline has written 15 novels in total because he’s tried to write about a book a year since he was seven.
Cline said his top compliments with his writing are “outstanding dialogue” and “simple but satisfying descriptions.”
“I never liked feeling bogged down by lengthy descriptions in books so I try to stray away from that,” Cline said.
Cline gave credit to his Mustang teachers, family and friends for his publications.
“It means a lot to me. I would honestly say if it wasn’t for all the great and supportive teachers I had growing up or all my family and friends saying, ‘you’re going to be a famous author one day,’ I might not have pursued it as wildly as I have,” he said. “Granted, I’m not famous yet, and if it never happens, oh well. I love to write no matter what.”

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