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MPD introduces new foundation, fundraiser

The Mustang Police Department is adding new ways to make and save money.
For the first time, MPD has its own foundation.
The Mustang Police Officers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization designed to provide the officers with an organization that does things for them that the annual budget just can’t do, Chief Robert Groseclose said.
“I have had a tremendous amount of luck with this in the past so this is what I’m bringing here. Hopefully we’ll be able to do some fun things for these officers that they wouldn’t have normally had,” Groseclose said.
The foundation could help with things such as funding for the K-9 program, or helping an officer in need.
“We, as an officers’ foundation, would step up and try to help them the best we could,” Groseclose said. “Also one of the functions of the foundation is to provide these guys a Christmas party every year. It’s just a way to make their jobs better and easier.”
Four members of the police department make up the board of directors to lead the foundation, including Chief Groseclose.
When it came to adding the foundation, there wasn’t a “why” to adding it now, but more of a “why not now?,” Groseclose said.
“It’s just one of those things that when I came in I saw a need and we’re trying to address that need,” he said. “It’s nice to see the impact of work when guys can contribute and you offer them a way to help themselves—we can do things and accomplish things that wouldn’t normally have been able to be done. They all enjoy helping each other so this is a neat little thing.”
The foundation will be printing 2018 MPD calendars as their primary fundraiser.
“We expect it to be a great success,” an advertising flyer for the calendars reads.
The calendars will be 26 inches by 39 inches and will be in full color.
It’ll essentially be a poster with pictures of the police department, the dogs and more.
Groseclose said he isn’t sure exactly what the pictures will be because they haven’t taken them yet, but he looks forward to showing the community the department.
“One of the things that I’ve seen is a lot of places don’t know who their police officers are and this is one way that the community can kind of see who we are,” Groseclose said.
The foundation is looking for local businesses to advertise in the calendar to reflect the diversity of businesses in Mustang.
Costs for the advertisements include:
—2×3 inch for $250,
—3×3 inch for $300,
—4×4 inch for $400,
—4×6 inch for $500, and
—6×6 inch for $600.
A lot of businesses have shown interest in advertising so far and Groseclose said they expect a lot more.
There will be between 750 and 1,000 calendars published and released in late October or early November.
The calendars will be personally distributed by Mustang police officers to businesses and merchants in the city. Businesses who advertise in the calendars will get theirs first.
The calendars will also be available at the Mustang Police Department, 650 E. State Highway 152. They will be free.
“The idea is really for this to be the primary fundraiser every year for the foundation,” the chief said. “The calendar is cool because it shows everybody a slice of your police department. It’s kind of a cool morale thing. The officers like it, the businesses like it, it’s just a really neat experience.”

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