Starbucks coming to Mustang

The City Manager’s report revealed Starbucks will be coming to Mustang, and not all residents are happy.
Rumors about a Starbucks coming to Mustang went around town for a while, but City Manager Tim Rooney confirmed Starbucks has signed a lease to occupy the parcel at 132 E. State Highway 152.
The coffee chain will be tearing down the old Los Vaqueros building to build their own.
Rooney said Monday he doesn’t know much more than he put in his report, but Mustang residents took to “The City of Mustang, Oklahoma” Facebook page on Monday to express concerns, excitement or just indifference.
Most Facebookers commented about Wild Hero Coffee, a locally-owned coffee shop on Mustang Road off of State Highway 152. Many bragged on Wild Hero coffee and said they want Mustang to continue to support the local business rather than Starbucks. Many others had other suggestions for what they think should be going into the vacant building. Some showed concern for the amount of traffic. Others spoke about boycotting the coffee chain or starting a petition to stop it from coming to town. A few commenters said they were excited for the new business, and one commenter mentioned how a Starbucks in Mustang will benefit the city’s tax revenue and think Mustang’s rapid growth can support any business that wants to come into town.
The Dallas-based company Noble Real Estate’s management member Waylon Longino said they are still a few weeks out from finalizing the lease so he’s unable to speak on it at this time.
Check back with Mustang News for more updates on the development of the new Starbucks.


  1. Beverly on September 12, 2017 at 5:04 pm

    I am so freakin excited about Starbucks in Mustang. The other coffee shop is not that good. I have tried many items offered there. And I have never re-order any of them. But I did try.

  2. Bill Adkerson on February 1, 2018 at 7:24 am

    Starbucks company is anti-gun and requests all customers leave their weapons in their vehicle or at home.
    As for Wild Hero Coffee, they don’t keep to their posted hours, so I personally can’t attest to the quality of their services or products.

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