OMG: Safe-to-eat cookie dough comes to Mustang

A new food truck based out of Mustang is making people across the metropolitan area say “OMG” in a different way than they have before.
dOugh M G food truck, owned by Deana and Taylor Haines, sells safe-to-eat cookie dough.
Deana has always dreamed of owning her own food truck, but from starting the business plan in February to buying the truck in March to opening in April and to being booked for events every weekend, she said it’s been a whirlwind.
“I’ve always wanted a food truck. There’s just something about them that interests me and there used to be a show that came on called “The Great Food Truck Race” and I would watch it religiously every season. Almost four years ago, they came through Oklahoma City. We lived in Woodward and we drove almost three hours just to come the day they came through just because I was obsessed with the idea of having a food truck. So we followed them around and from then on out, I had the bug I guess. I just wanted a food truck so bad,” Deana said.
After suffering a miscarriage earlier this year, Deana was put on bed rest and was just trying to fill her time because she “was going crazy.” That’s when she saw the idea for raw cookie dough and she told her husband Taylor “you’re going to think I’m insane, but this is it.” And he said “let’s do it,” so dOugh M G began.
“Sometimes we look at ourselves and think, ‘are we completely insane?’ But we love it. It’s so much fun,” Deana said.
Both Deana’s and Taylor’s parents have helped with the truck, Deana’s niece plans to come help soon and their two-year-old daughter Pyper gets to make special “Little Chef” appearances on the truck so it’s been a family ordeal.
Deana said having to rely on her husband and work together as a team is her favorite part. Taylor works a full time job during the week, but he handles the finances for dOugh M G then spends his weekends on the truck with Deana so she said she’s grateful to be able to do it with him because it wouldn’t be as fun alone.
A friend of the Haines’s actually came up with the name for the truck.
The cookie dough is safe to eat because they use heat-treated flour, which gets rid of the possibility of E.coli, Deana said. She also added that people are usually worried about the eggs, but she said depending on what dough they make they either use pasteurized eggs or leave out the eggs completely.
dOugh M G has a constant six flavors, then they add a different flavor depending on what event they’re at or what month it is.
During Family Fun Fest on Saturday, their special was “The Cookie Monster” which was a blue cookie dough with different chunked up cookies inside.
June is Deana’s birthday month so they’ll have a birthday special.
The six constant flavors are:
—“The Classic,” which is just plain chocolate chip,
—“B-52 Bomber,” which is brownie batter,
—“The Oneder,”
—“The Hounddog,” which is peanut butter and named after an Elvis Presley song,
—“Sweet 16,” which has confetti sprinkles in it,
—“The Great Hambino,” which is s’mores.
“Our entire menu, with the exception of the classic, are all named off of movies based in the 50s or the 60s era so that’s why we have the really random names,” Deana said. “I just love that era—I love the movies that came out, the fashion—just everything about that era.
“And when we thought about the way our dough is, we started calling it ‘retro dough’ because if you think about cookies, really now a lot of people that we talk to don’t make cookies from scratch. They just go buy them. So when you do make cookies from scratch it just kind of gives you that ‘oh, my grandma used to do that.’
“It was just kind of the perfect blend for me to say ‘oh, here’s retro cookie dough, here’s an era I really love, let’s just throw them together.’”
When asked how business is going, the first thing out of Deana’s mouth was “OMG.”
“Oh my gosh,” Deana said. “The entire metro has really been amazing to us. We had a private event yesterday so it was just for that event, but we had stuff stopping wanting to buy stuff just because they saw us out. Honestly, it’s overwhelming, but for me, it’s really humbling because it’s just this thing I want to do and people are receiving it with no questions, open arms. There’s no judgement and it’s just really cool.”
At one of their events, Deana said they had a line of about 75 people and it just wasn’t stopping. She also said it’s been cool to get to meet so many new people and be a part of the food truck scene in Oklahoma.
Deana said one of the coolest things is having a food truck that sells food that just makes people happy. One woman stopped at the truck at an event on Friday night and said “I’m so happy. You just made the world a better place,” and Deana said it was the best thing she could hear.
“It’s just comments like that that I didn’t expect. We didn’t anticipate any of that stuff. For us, we just wanted to bring something to the metro to where we live. I honestly didn’t have any expectations and definitely didn’t expect what we’ve been receiving,” Deana said.
Before opening, Deana said she and Taylor thought about doing a storefront, but she couldn’t push aside the fact that she always wanted to own a food truck, and she didn’t like the idea of people having to come to her. Instead, she wanted to come to them.
Deana described dOugh M G as the “weekend warriors of the food truck family” because since her husband works during the week, they’re only out on the weekends. So far they’ve been booked every weekend, but any weekend they’re not booked for events they plan to stay in Mustang.
Deana is a patient of chiropractor Dr. Kevin Green, and he said they could park the truck in his parking lot any weekend they don’t have events so the plan is to be parked in the Green Professional Building, 501 N. Mustang Rd. on available weekends.
dOugh M G will be creating new flavors and expanding into gluten-free options in the future. Deana has other ideas they’re working on, but isn’t quite ready to release them yet. She’s hoping to integrate the new ideas by the end of summer.
A heart for giving
Deana and Taylor are not the only people who benefit from dOugh M G’s profits.
The Haines decided to donate a portion of their profits to people in need because they don’t rely on the income of the truck so they just want to give back, Deana said.
dOugh M G has already donated a home security system to a woman who recently lost her husband and gave away free cookie dough to all special needs children who came through their line on Saturday at Family Fun Fest.
Their next mission is to hopefully help a little boy get the service dog he’s been wanting, Deana said.
“Really, that’s the whole idea of us owning a food truck, besides the fact that I’ve always wanted one,” Deana said. “For us, it’s not to bring in income for our family. What the food truck is for us is a chance to give back. Just giving back and being able to help out our community in that way is really where our heart is. That is our reason why.”

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