Mustang pastor teaches class in Mexico

The Rev. Dave Bryan recently taught a class at a seminary in Guerrero, Mexico.
Bryan is the senior pastor for Chisholm Heights Baptist Church in Mustang. Chisholm heights has had a relationship with the Mexican seminary for almost two decades.
Bryan serves on the board of directors for the seminary and is the president this year.
The church takes a mission trip there every year, but this is the first year Bryan has taught there.
He was asked to teach a week-long church administration class for students striving to achieve their Bachelor’s.
Bryan taught seven students all-day Monday through Friday while he was there.
“I enjoyed the interaction,” Bryan said. “It was a first for me. I’ve never taught before, and I don’t Spanish very well at all so I had a translator. It made for its own challenges in that but we got through it.
“It was a big learning experience. They didn’t have really a course outline or syllabus so I had to design all of that. It took a lot of time but it was very rewarding to see the class grow from the ground up. I enjoy teaching and to teach at the level—when I teach a class here, I don’t get to give a grade, so there was a little bit of motivation as they went through their quizzes and things. It was just a different level of learning than I’ve really experienced before.”
When it came to teaching, Bryan said he knew he needed to keep it simple—not because the students couldn’t understand something more complex, but because by the time he and the students got past translating and the cultural differences, it would be best to keep it simple.
On all handouts or activities, Bryan just made sure to cover the basics so they could apply the basics to more complex parts of their degree.
The focus of the class was the students having to design a project for some area of ministry and how they would administrate that in the local church. The last day of the class, they had to present the projects they worked on all week.
“It is really a blessing to be able to see them put those things into action and to take them places that obviously show their passion and desire—planting churches, starting a youth program, a children’s program through the church that met on Saturdays, starting some small group ministry in one church, a big evangelic event—it was really neat to see them put it into practice,” Bryan said. “Somehow we had bridged the cultural barrier between us and we were able to learn a little bit along the way.”
One of the highlights for the week for the students, at least Bryan thinks was the highlight, was an online personality inventory called “Ministry Insights: Leading From Your Strengths” that is available in Spanish, among other languages. The online tool allows individuals to see what strengths they have been gifted with, how God has made them, how unique they are, what their strengths lend them to do best, and how God gives us tools to move out of our comfort zones to do things that may not be easy for us, but he has made us capable, Bryan said.
“It was fun for everybody to share who they were, and there’s a big wheel where everybody gets to place where they are on it. That was a very good interaction time for us,” Bryan said.
Teaching the class was probably a one-time thing, Bryan said, but if he was asked to teach again then he “would be honored to go.”
“I enjoyed, and I would enjoy it again, I think,” Bryan said. “It was a unique experience that I feel honored to be a part of.”
Bryan also had the opportunity to preach at one of their daily chapel services.
“That seminary has a very special place in my heart, my family’s heart and my church’s heart,” Bryan said. “Just to be able to be with them for a week was a really good thing. It was a blessing, but it was good to be home.”
The annual mission trips to the seminary usually include church members performing construction work for the school—putting a ceiling in a classroom, doing electrical work in the library, or just whatever project needs to be done. They also usually take a medical team, including a doctor and a dentist, so they can do checkups there. They also usually team up with a local church there to do some kind of ministry activity.
Chisholm Heights will be teaming up with Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon this November to go on their next mission trip to the seminary.
They will be hosting a marriage conference while on the mission trip.
“We’re kind of excited about that. We’ve never done it before so it’s something new,” Bryan said.

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