MHS Pom has successful showing at camp, prepares for competition

The Mustang High School Pom squad recently got back from “one of their best years yet” at pom camp, coach said.
MHS Pom attends the National Dance Alliance (NDA) camp hosted at the University of Oklahoma campus each year.
The camp is one of their first events as a new team, aside from practices and their annual camp showing hosted at MHS.
“It was probably of our best years we’ve had in a long time,” Varsity Coach Angela George said. “They were very uplifting, they were very positive, they complement each other really well, there was no drama—it was just a really smooth and good year this year.”
Freshman Coach Erika Osterberg also was impressed with the freshman team’s camp experience this year.
“It went really well. The girls really impressed me. They worked hard from start to end, and came out on top. It was fun,” Osterberg said.
The varsity team had six All-American nominations with four making the All-American team, and the freshman team had two All-American nominations with two making the All-American team.
The varsity and freshman teams both got superior ratings for their “home routines,” which are the routines the teams have prepared when they go to camp. Then for “team routines,” which are the routines the teams learn while at camp to compete with, varsity won silver in the intermediate/advanced division and the freshman team won gold in the beginner/intermediate division.
Varsity also won a choreography award for their home routine, and both squads won spirit sticks and numerous other ribbons for showmanship, spirit, technical, etc.
“I’m just excited to see their growth, as a team, as a whole and technical growth,” George said. “This is probably one of our most talented groups we’ve had in a while, and I’m just really excited to see how they grow through the summer and how we compete this year.”
This year will be the first year in a long time the varsity team will be going to a regionals, a state and a nationals, and the first year the freshman team will be competing at state.
“This will be a big competitive year for us so I’m pretty excited to see how it goes. This will kind of be are trial year after a while to try to get ourselves back into the competition world,” George said.
The varsity team will be heading to regionals in October, state in December and nationals in March. The nationals the team will be attending is called “The AmeriCup Dance Championship” hosted by DX events in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The freshman team will be attending the December state competition and won’t be competing at nationals.
The freshman team is a mixture of girls who have been dancing since they were young as well as girls who stepped onto a dance floor their first time with Mustang Pom.
Osterberg began coaching for Mustang in November, but she said the freshman team has drastically improved in the four years it’s existed.
“It really is such a great program. I’m proud of where it’s at,” Osterberg said. “I’m real excited about where the squad is going. It’s progressing every year and I can’t wait to see all the things these girls do this year.”

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