Burglaries increasing, residents encouraged to stay alert

Mustang Police Department has had 15 burglaries and 26 larcenies reported since mid-April.
Three of the burglaries and five of the larcenies are from the week of May 29 through June 5.
Police Chief Robert Groseclose said the burglaries have a lot to do with the weather.
“The better the weather gets, the more people are out late at night,” Groseclose said. “It comes in cycles. We’ve experienced things in the past about various burglary trends that happen because you have groups that hit a particular area at one time. There could be many different reasons for it.”
One location was burglarized twice in the last few weeks, but Groseclose said that is part of an ongoing investigation that they have a suspect for, but he is unable to comment on it since it’s under investigation.
Groseclose said no specific type of victim has been targeted in any of the burglaries, but he did offer tips on how to protect oneself as much as possible from burglaries.
“One of the big things is get to know your neighbors,” Groseclose said.
Other tips are:
—invite law enforcement into your community,
—consider cameras,
—turn on all exterior lights,
“Criminals like dark areas so as many of those we can minimize is the better off we’ll be,” Groseclose said.
—consider neighborhood watch programs,
—make sure houses and vehicles are locked, and
“Talk to each other—it goes back to being a good neighbor. There’s lots of things you can do to try to prevent it,” Groseclose said.
“Don’t ever hesitate to call us if you see something suspicious—no matter how little or insignificant it might be. If you see somebody in your neighborhood you don’t recognize, please pick up the phone and call us. Dial 9-1-1.”
For non-emergencies, call the police department at 376-2488.
Aside from the burglaries and larcenies, Mustang has had 11 assaults, one robbery, two reported rapes and three lewd/indecent acts with a minor since April 17.
There’s not a why to the assaults, Groseclose said.
“If we knew that, we could retire,” he said.
Groseclose said he was unable to comment on cases ongoing and couldn’t speak on the most recent lewd/indecent acts with a minor crime from May 30.
Other crimes reported in the last week include credit card crimes, embezzlement, DUI, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and a runaway.

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