Brittany’s Play Adventure, Mustang’s ‘something good’

Saturday’s grand opening for Brittany’s Play Adventure was truly something special.
I got emotional and teared up when I saw all the children and adults walk past the sign and walk into the now open playground. Young or old, disabled or not, everyone was together, everyone was unified and everyone was able to play.
Tiffany Massie, 2016 Teacher of the Year, came to speak at the grand opening ceremony on Saturday.
She spoke about listening to a radio station every morning where they do a “Tell Me Something Good” segment and have to report on something good. Massie said the radio hosts usually report on something nationwide, but Mustang is lucky because Brittany’s Play Adventure is Mustang’s own something good.
Brittany’s Play Adventure isn’t just another playground and isn’t just the work of one person, it was a project that many, many people collaborated on to allow it to finally be a reality in the City of Mustang.
So although Lynly Grider definitely deserves all the credit, love and support in the world for her wonderful idea and making sure that idea came to life, I want to personally thank everyone who had a hand in making this playground possible.
This hasn’t been “just another story” to cover, but something I’ve loved following and have been so excited about. It’s something I’m proud to have in this town. It’s something that truly makes a difference.
The thought that Mustang has a place where people of all abilities can be together and just have fun is incredible. I’ll be honest, I had never thought about children not being able to play on a playground before—whether it’s because of their own disabilities or a family member’s disabilities. So seeing this playground come to life and watching so many people light up while on that playground Saturday—it’s truly heartwarming.
Brittany’s Play Adventure makes the City of Mustang a destination place, makes Mustang a more-inclusive and more-unified city as a whole, and makes Mustang an example for what other communities could and should do with their time and money.
Thank you Lynly and everyone who made Brittany’s Play Adventure a reality for giving Mustang “something good.”

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