Couple gives back to Yukon Fire Department

Donna Drake doesn’t remember much about the accident that happened on Sept. 9 at the intersection of 15th Street and Interstate 35 in Edmond, but what she does remember is the care that was given to her by firefighters, police and emergency medical technician.

“I died and went to heaven, and I heard a voice say ‘not yet.’ I came back. I didn’t know anything. I just kept seeing this bright, shiny light. I could hear this male voice saying ‘Donna, Donna. Ms. Drake, Ms. Drake, ’” she said.

When she awoke, a firefighter was kneeling next to her, holding her hands and reassuring her that everything was going to be OK.

Firefighters also helped make sure she knew what was going on around her despite the fact that she was going in and out of consciousness.

Drake and her husband, Ron, who are pastors and directors with United States National Prayer Council, began looking for a way to say thank you.

“We were going into churches to help with unity, but felt there was a better purpose. I felt there has got to be more than just prayer,” she said.

One day, while leaving a church, Drake said she was overcome by a feeling that she need to feed the emergency personnel.

So, over the next several months, Drake said she wrote books for firefighters, medics and police. Then, they set out, spending their own money, to buy lunch for the emergency personnel.

This week, she has been feeding the Yukon Fire Department.

The meals, which include sandwiches, drinks, fruit and a snack pack, are appreciated.

“It is humbling. Someone would spend all the time and money to honor us. These guys really deserve it. … It is humbling to be in the spotlight for a job we do, that we love to do. But I really appreciate it for the men to know that people appreciate what they do,” said Yukon Fire Chief Kevin Jones.

Drake said they already have fed police and fire personnel in Edmond as well as firefighters in the Oak Cliff volunteer fire department. Other departments that will soon be recipients include firefighters in Wagonner and police officers in Guthrie.

“Our desire is to feed them and let them know how much we appreciate them. We want to thank them and let them know that we know they lay their lives on the line every day for our community to be safe. They run into fire and burning buildings. It is very difficult. Yet they do what they love, and we just want them to know how much we appreciate them,” she said.

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