Harvest underway for county’s wheat farmers

BANNER – So far, so good. Canadian County’s wheat harvest seems to be moving along smoothly.

Officials said the annual wheat harvest began Sunday and will continue for the several days. If luck holds, they said, it could be a good harvest.

It didn’t always look like it would be a good harvest. Dry weather tempered expectations, said Jim Parizek, a co-owner of Parizek Farms in Yukon.

“It was awful dry until the first of April,” he said. “We thought it had hurt the yield.”

As it turned out, April and May were both wetter than normal, and that helped improve thecrop.

Parizek said their operation will yield between 40 and 50 bushels per acre, based on early cutting.

“We haven’t gotten too far, but it looks to be a pretty decent crop,” he said.

The family will cut about 1,300 acres during the harvest, he said.

Meanwhile, officials at the Banner Co-Op agree.

David Bond, who manages the co-op, said trucks began rolling in Sunday, and that the yields appeared to be plentiful.

“The yields are higher than we expected,” he said.

He was expecting between 60 and 64 bushels per acre.

That’s good news for farmers, because the price of wheat is below what it costs to produce it. The higher yield might ensure they make a profit.

“The yield is up, and that is a benefit.”

Kyle Worthington, an agent with the Oklahoma State University Extension Office, said this should be a good year if the weather holds out.

There is a chance of rain on Saturday, but unless there is significant precipitation, it shouldn’t impact the harvest much, he said.

Worthington said that by the end of next week, this year’s harvest could be completed.

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