Sales tax slips, use tax climbs for Yukon

By Terry Groover

Staff Writer

Sales tax revenues for most cities in Canadian County were up in May over the same period last year, a report from the Oklahoma Tax Commission states.

Calumet, Mustang, Okarche and Union City all saw increases in both sales tax and use tax.

El Reno and Yukon both saw fairly significant drops in sales tax returns in May, according to the report. However, the sales tax for Yukon was up from April’s numbers.

Sales tax for Canadian County also climbed, the report states.

According to the report, Calumet, on the far western side of the county, saw its return triple, jumping by about $27,000. It climbed from $8,282.07 in May 2016 to $35,881.31 this year.

Mustang had an increase of about $32,000 in returns over last year. This year’s total was $878,020.88. Last May’s return was $846,021.32.

Okarche received a check for $74,364.68 in May compared to $52,560.75 last year.

Piedmont’s returns were up slightly, bringing in $158,657.80. Last year’s check was $151,327.95.

Union City’s sales tax check jumped by almost one third, going from $16,681.28 last May to $24,617.97 this year.

The county’s two largest communities, Yukon and El Reno, were the big losers for the month.

El Reno saw its sales tax check get cut almost in half. Last year, the county seat received a check for $1,310,917.14. This year’s check was $795,330.39.

Yukon saw its check get cut as well. This year’s return was $1,764,721.84. Last year’s check was $1,799,895.79.

Canadian County’s share of the sales tax pot was up. This year’s check was $579,644.71. That is up over the $540,826.60 check from last year.

Meanwhile, the amount of money being returned in use tax is up for everyone.

Use tax is for purchases made on the Internet.

While Yukon saw a decline in revenue from sales tax in May, the use tax results were up. Yukon received $127,827.44 in May. That compares to $99,623.41 last year.

City Clerk Doug Shivers said the use tax often fluctuate based on internet purchases. It is difficult to budget those monies, he said.

Also up, was El Reno, which saw an increase of more than $250,000 in its use tax. Last year’s check was for $37,508. This year’s check was $292,748.67.

Mustang also saw a significant increase, jumping from $30,442.69 to $46,358.38.

Canadian County’s smaller communities also reaped the rewards of the use tax.

Calumet received a check for $2,552.68. That is double last year’s return of $1,032.50.

Okarche received $106,516.34 this year, compared to $6,826.14 last year.

Brian Schieber, the treasurer for Okarche, said the check was unusually high and may have been due to oil and gas activity in the area or some telecommunications work. However, there is no way to know for sure.

“We’ve had higher amounts, but this was higher than normal,” he said.

Schieber said it’s also possible that it could have been a correction from previous reports.

Schieber said Okarche’s normal use tax check is in the $4,000 to $10,000 range.

Piedmont received a check for $21,203.79 this week. Last year’s check was $12,745.81.

Union City received a check for $4,978.61 compared to $1,5982.67.

Canadian County also saw an increase of about $75,000 in its return. Last year, the county received $54,181.13. This year, the county received $128,160.68.

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