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New era begins: Yukon football starts first spring practice under Jeremy Reed

Yukon will hit the gridiron officially for the first time in a practice setting on Tuesday under new head coach Jeremy Reed on day one of spring football for the Millers.

Reed was hired as Yukon’s new head football coach in January after former head coach Brian Sauser resigned in early December.

The new head coach didn’t waste any time in changing the culture of the struggling Miller football program. He implemented his new offseason strength and conditioning program that the Yukon players have been training in over the past several months.

“We have had a really good offseason,” Reed said. “Our kids have bought in and there has been a lot of improvement already in the weight room and in their conditioning.”

Not every Miller football player has been in offseason program because they are playing other sports but Reed said he expects to have the majority of the players that will be on the roster this coming fall out for spring practice.

“We love it that a lot of our players play other sports,” Reed said. “If it were up to me, I would have every one of my guys playing multiple sports. That’s the reason we have spring practice after spring sports are over. We expect to have most of our guys out for spring practice.”

Each school in Oklahoma is not allowed to start spring football practice until all spring sports have concluded. Each football team has 21 total days to get in 10 spring practices.

Yukon will practice Tuesday through Friday this coming week and then Monday through Friday the next week. Their final spring practice will take place May 30 with a community cook-out following the practice. Reed said the whole community is invited to the cook-out.

“We hope to see a lot of people from the community out at the cook-out,” Reed said. “Come out and watch us practice and then eat some good food and get to know our players and coaches.”

There will not a spring scrimmage or a spring game because Reed said he doesn’t believe on getting too physical at this point of the year.

“I differ from a lot of other coaches in this but I just don’t believe in beating each other up in the spring,” Reed said. “We need to have guys out there healthy, so we can get better on the mental side of the game. That will be our main focus this spring.”

Reed said the main focus of spring practice will be the technical and mental side of the game. He said the offensive side of the ball will focus on four values this spring. Toughness, discipline, physicality and selfless will be the focus for the offense.

On the defensive side of the ball, Reed said the team will be focused on running to the football, changing speeds and giving extra effort.

Reed said he expects to have the base of the new offensive system Yukon will be running this fall installed by the end of spring practice.

“It’s a slow process,” Reed said. “I think the Yukon community will really appreciate how much attention to detail we focus on with our system. We really focus on doing everything correctly.”

The new head coach is bringing the Flex-bone system to Yukon, which is based on physicality, misdirection and causing confusion for the defense.

Reed said they have already started the mental part of the installment of the new system through the offseason.

Each practice, the Millers are allowed to be on the field for a total of two hours but Reed said he believes in film study and team meetings before and after practice.

The Yukon football calendar is broken up into four different quarters.

Reed said the first quarter is December through January and that quarter is designed for reflection on the previous year and then moving forward into the coming season. The second quarter is February through May, which is the offseason strength and conditioning program. The third quarter is the spring practice portion of the year. Reed said a lot of evaluation of personnel and schemes are done in that time frame and then the fourth quarter is the actual season.

Even though, they will be going through practice on the field, team meetings and film study, the Millers will still be in the weight room maintaining everything they have gained throughout the offseason.

“We are looking forward to getting out there and going to work,” Reed said. “Spring practice is about getting better and learning. That’s what we are going to do and that will be our focus.”

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