Wellness expert offers advices at annual event

By Terry Groover,

Staff Writer

Meeting the challenges that life throws at you is always difficult, but it can be done, said wellness expert Mac McCrory. You just have to figure out how to handle the curveballs.

McCrory, who owns Development by Design in Oklahoma City, was the guest speaker at Friday’s Yukon Mayor’s Breakfast.

“Life throws us challenges every single day. We have to work hard. We have to be positive in order to meet those challenges.” McCrory said.

“At the end of that journey, something else awaits. It is how we perceive the journey, and how we travel the journey and how we deal with what we hope and believe is at the end of that journey. So, life is tough and it is up to us to use all of our powers,” he said.

McCrory said proper wellness is about self-responsibility. That includes getting exercise at least three times per week and daily physical activity.

“You need to try to do something physical every day,” McCrory said. “Everything runs through us.” McCrory also gave health advice that includes spending less time in front of the television, video games and computer screens, eating four to six small meals per day and eliminating sugary drinks.

“Water is the only thing we should be drinking,” he told the group of about 85.

Stress management also is important to remaining healthy.

“Everyone understands that we all have stress,” he said. How it is handled is important.

“We all react differently,” McCrory said.

He used an example of a fire alarm going off. Everyone in the room would act differently, he said.

“Some (reactions) would be good, some would not.”

It is all about training, he said.

Key elements to stress management, McCrory said, include learning how to communicate better and how to improve efforts to resolve disputes.

“You are in charge of your own wellness,” he said. “I was in charge of my wellness, and I’m the one who had to do the work.”

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