City officials launch redesigned website

By Terry Groover

Staff Writer

With a tap of key, the City of Yukon launched its new website Monday.

Jenna Roberson, the city’s public information officer, said the redesigned site,, offers easier maneuvering for visitors.

The redesign project began in October. Officials worked with Back40 designers to develop the site.

“I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I hope our citizens and anyone who uses it will like it,” Roberson said.

The update cost about $7,000, but came in under budget. Much of the editing work was handled in-house, Roberson said.

The update was needed, she said, because the previous version left a lot of the city’s services unavailable.

The new website offers a plethora of options, including paying bills and reporting a problem.

The latter is a key element, Roberson said. Citizens can now go to the single site and be able to report a problem within any department.

“It is definitely more user friendly,” she said.

It also is more tablet- and smart phone-friendly.

Sometimes visitors had a hard time finding the appropriate links. Now there is a single link that allows them to search, Roberson said.

“This is easier to find what you need,” she said.

In addition, an agency directory has been added that includes all departments.

Roberson said the new site improves the overall visitor experience.

“We worked really hard to improve our services,” she said.


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