Pitch perfect: Irvin Romero finds peace, harmony on the soccer field

Since he was the ripe young age of 3-years-old, Irvin Romero has had soccer running through his veins. The sport was huge in his family with his mother and older brother being big into soccer.

Irvin played the game he loved growing up and it came easy to him, as he found out quickly that he was a lot quicker with the ball than most of the people he was playing against.

The Yukon High School senior had to stop playing the sport he was in love with for several years because of a personal situation he and his family were dealing with at the time. Going into his freshman year at Yukon, Irvin decided it was time to lace up the cleats again and get back into doing what he was meant to do, play soccer.

“I missed it a lot when I wasn’t playing,” Irvin said. “I couldn’t wait to start playing again when it was the right time.”

He joined Canadian Valley Futbol Club and started to gain his speed and ball skills back. In his freshman season at Yukon, Irvin played on the JV 2 team for the majority of the season but the Miller coaches quickly saw what they had in Irvin on the pitch.

They moved him to the JV 1 team and then he was brought up to play on the varsity soccer team for one tournament as a ninth-grader. In his sophomore season, he played on the varsity roster but was injured with a broken thumb that required pins be put into the bone, which forced him to sit out the majority of the season.

Going into his junior year, Irvin was able to stay healthy and earn a full-time starting spot on the varsity team. He began to shine on the pitch for the Millers as a junior.

As a senior, Irvin was voted as the team captain just before the season started and he has seven goals and five assists so far this season. The attacker is a midfielder and forward for Yukon but says he enjoys passing more than scoring.

“I prefer assisting on a goal and seeing my teammates score than scoring goals myself,” Irvin said.

The season started out rough for the Millers but they have rebounded strong in the middle of the season throughout the stretch run. They clinched a playoff spot last week with a win at home and they will open the postseason on Tuesday evening.

“We have really come together as a team towards the end of the season,” Irvin said. “If we continue to stay together, I feel like we can win in the first round of the playoffs.”

After his high school career is over, Irvin said he plans to play soccer at the next level. He is undecided at this time but said he is leaning toward signing with Rose State and follow in his older brother’s footsteps.

Irvin said he is undecided on what he wants to study in college but he knows he wants to play soccer for as long as he possibly can.

Barcelona is his favorite professional club team around the world mainly because they have his favorite overall player in the world on their roster, which is Lionel Messi.

Growing up, Irvin said he loved to play with his dogs and be around his grandpa when he wasn’t on the soccer pitch.

On top of his busy schedule with soccer and school, Irvin also works at Lids at the outlet mall in Oklahoma City.

When it comes to hobbies in his free time, Irvin said he doesn’t have a lot of open time but he did say there is one video game he has mastered.

“I believe I’m the best FIFA player in Yukon,” Irvin said with a chuckle.

Irvin said if he had to pick one person that has been the most influential when it comes to soccer, it would have to be his older brother.

“My older brother is four years older than me and I have always looked up to him,” Irvin said. “He was really good at soccer and I would like to follow in his footsteps.”

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