Mustang pastor achieves his dreams, publishes new book

Pastor Steve Cowan recently published his first book titled Life Happens to Teach.
The book reveals how Cowan has learned from life’s ups and downs and now uses those lessons to help others.
“It’s always been on my heart to write a book and it’s always been one of my goals in life. I thought ‘man, if I don’t start it’ll never happen’ so I committed myself and literally financially obligated myself to write the book,” Cowan said. “It’s funny. I was having a coffee with a guy and he looks at me and says, ‘you’ve got a book inside you.’ I didn’t say anything to him. You know when all of a sudden you hear from God through somebody else. I almost started crying in front of the guy.
“This will be the first of many.”
Cowan does some radio spots on Sunday mornings called “MYChurch Minute” so he decided to write about those life lessons.
“It’s a spiritual lesson. I realized I’ve got a lot of life stories already that I could tell,” he said. “It’s not a deep theological book. You would think a pastor would really just reveal or have a revelation of scripture, but I wrote it to really encourage the nominal Christian.”
Cowan described the “nominal Christian” as someone who isn’t quite committed to their purpose in God or realize that God is there for them.
“He’s more concerned about your character than he is about your comfort,” Cowan said.
Cowan’s book Life Happens to Teach is compiled of lessons he’s learned through family, work and church.
“Someone once told me, ‘you can’t choose your life lessons, they choose you,” a press release reads.
Life Happens to Teach was published in March of this year through Xulon Press, a Christian self-publishing company.
The book costs $13.99 and is available directly through Cowan at MYChurch, Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s website, The book is available for print order or in eBook format. Some bookstores may also have the book, but Cowan said he’s unsure.
Cowan is the pastor at MYChurch, located at 2335 W. State Highway 152 in Mustang.
MYChurch opened its doors in 2009. Cowan previously opened a church in Missouri, but it just didn’t work out as he planned.
“But it was a growing experience, kind of like what I said in my book,” Cowan said.
Cowan said he’s an entrepreneur at heart and he knew God wanted him to be a church planter.
About six or seven years after moving to Oklahoma, Cowan knew he wanted to plant another church and although Mustang or Yukon didn’t need any more churches, that’s where he wanted to plant one.
The name MYChurch means Mustang Yukon Church, and Cowan said he wanted the church to be in the middle of the two but they were given their building on Highway 152 for free so he couldn’t turn it down.
“Part of the reasons why we wanted to be in the Mustang Yukon area is because it’s one of the fastest growing areas in the whole state and we thought ‘man, why not get plugged in?’ God lives where people are going,” Cowan said.
Being a pastor of a church and a published author are just two of Cowan’s dreams.
“Publishing a book is a goal I’ve had ever since high school. I had three dreams in life: One was to pastor a church and finally that’s happened, one is to be a published author and now that’s happened, and the other is to be a public speaker. My speaking career hasn’t exactly taken off, besides speaking every Sunday, but I haven’t been invited somewhere to speak. I’d like to be an inspirational speaker—that’s why I joined Toastmasters,” he said.
“When I think of everything, the grace of God sustains me, it really does. It all boils down to God’s grace and God’s love.”

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