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Family Outdoor Day set for Saturday

The Mustang Public Schools Foundation and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation are hosting Family Outdoor Day on Saturday.
“It’s just an opportunity to raise awareness for the Mustang Public Schools Foundation. We’re kind of getting it rolling again and trying to raise money. All the money goes back into the classrooms. We just wanted to have something where we could get a bunch of people out to have a good time and let them know about the foundation,” Director Rhonda Hurst said.
Family Outdoor Day is a come-and-go event from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at Wild Horse Park.
The event will include a fishing clinic; archery; camouflage face painting; a Skins and Skulls booth where people can touch, feel and learn about the animal indigenous to Oklahoma; booths for local businesses, and food trucks.
Food trucks in attendance are:
—Bacon N Cakin,
—Lalo’s Tacos,
—The Meating Place,
—Yum Yum Bites,
—Pops Pockets,
—Los Bandidos,
—Blue J’s Rolling Grill,
—Wild Bills BBQ Shack of Mustang, and
—Kona Ice Snow Cones truck from Mustang.
The fishing clinic is sanctioned so attendees don’t have to have a fishing license like they otherwise would need.
The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is helping with fishing, stocking the pond, archery and bringing in some of the booths.
Attendees don’t have to bring anything because instructors and equipment will be provided.
Attendees will hear about the MPS Foundation and what they can do to help, and they’ll be able to participate in the activities.
The event is geared toward young families, but is for any ages.
Some Mustang High School volunteers will also be there volunteering.
This is the first year to host Family Outdoor Day, but it may become an annual event if it goes well.
Family Outdoor Day is free to attend, but they will be accepting donations as a fundraiser for the MPS Foundation. All donations are tax deductible.
They will also be selling T-shirts for $20. Most of the T-shirt funds will be donated to the foundation.
Hurst is a new member of the MPS Foundation board and she works for the Department of Wildlife. Hurst has been the coordinator of the Department of Wildlife’s annual Wildlife Expo for 12 years so other board members thought it’d be a good idea for Hurst to do something similar in Mustang, she said.
“I do a very similar event, only on a bigger scale, for the Wildlife Department,” Hurst said.
Hurst is a longtime Mustang resident. She and her husband Trent are both graduates of MHS, her two sons are graduates of Mustang and are teachers and coaches in the Mustang school system. Hurst’s mother-in-law was also a teacher.
“I know how hard it is for teachers to get the things they need for their classrooms. A lot of them use their own money just to get the basic things they need for teaching,” Hurst said. “I just am a Mustanger. I grew up here and my kids grew up here so it’s just very close to my heart that we do something to help the teachers and the Mustang school system in itself.”
The MPS Foundation’s mission is to support, promote and enhance the academic excellence in Mustang Schools.
“To simplify that, what we do is we raise money all year long then teachers can apply through a grant process to receive money for their classrooms and we award these teachers with however much money we’ve got,” Hurst said. “The money goes directly back to the teacher so he or she can purchase what they need for their classroom.”
The MPS Foundation donated $10,000 to teachers last year, but Hurst said the foundation “took a lull for a while” and has some new members so they’re just working on raising more awareness and money.
To find out more about the MPS Foundation or to donate online, visit

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