Yukon Writers Society restarting up

The Yukon Writers Society is in the midst of reorganizing.

The society, which was founded in 2016, is meant to help writers start or finish their books.

Paul Copeland, the previous organizer of the group, decided to step down and Shayla Eaton decided to take on the society.

Eaton had thought about starting her own writers group in Yukon for about a year, but she wasn’t sure about becoming the organizer of the Yukon Writers Society at first so she took the idea to the Yukon Happenings Facebook page to get an idea of how many people would be interested.

Once she saw that a number of people were interested in the society, she thought it’d be a great idea for her to become the organizer.

“I really, really see the need for a writers group to meet up here in Yukon,” Eaton said. “I’m not the only writer in this town so I think it’s really important to help them and create a support group.”

Eaton has been in the publishing business for about seven years. She’s the owner of Curiouser Editing and is a writer, editor and marketer.

She has two eBooks and one novel that’ll be published in October.

“I want to form an encouraging critique group. I want to help group members start and finish their books. That’s what I do now every day anyways so I just really want to help some local people around here. I also want to build a support team and really have a tight-knit community of serious writers, and I also want them to brace accountability. Through a writers group, when you’re embracing accountability like this, you’re going to see far better results that way,” Eaton said.

Since Eaton owns Curiouser Editing, as a businesswoman she’s there if they ever need an editor or guidance for their book.

The Yukon Writers Society currently has 61 members, with about 20 of those joining in the couple of weeks since Eaton has become the organizer.

Not all of the members have been actively attending meetings though, so Eaton hopes to get more people involved.

The Yukon Writers Society previously didn’t do much, Eaton said, but the meetings they did have were hosted in Oklahoma City.

Eaton wants to host biweekly meetings that are always in Yukon.

The first Meetup will be at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at The Lokal, 10 West Main St., Ste. 100.

If weather permits, Eaton will be outside on the patio with a sign for the group.

During the first Meetup, members will discuss accountability, online support, problem-solving, staying motivated through writer’s block, goal-setting, ideas to make the group the best it can be and just getting to know one another.

Eaton said during the first meeting she wants to hear what members need from the group the most, pair people up to help with accountability and answer any questions they may have.

“I want to be kind of a sounding board for them and help them get to publication,” she said.

Visit www.meetup.com/Yukon-Writers-Society/events/239254232/?a=socialmedia to find out more about the first Meetup or to RSVP.

“Share your writing journey with us during our Meetup so we can all help each other. This Meetup is not meant to be a critique group—we want to solve problems head-on and overcome obstacles writers face each day that stop them from finishing their books,” the Meetup post reads.

Anyone can join the group, Yukon resident or not, but the meetings will always be in Yukon.

The group is free to join.

“If there are people who feel like they’re not ready yet to take that leap, at least just come to one meeting to see if it’s for you because I want to encourage writers of all ages and genres and levels. It doesn’t really matter where you are right now on your writing journey, I want to try to help people get to where they need to be,” Eaton said.

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