Bath Sorbet explodes with bath bombs

Local couple starts with $200, takes new business nation-wide

Almost a year ago, Ryan and Lacey Ogden were preparing to celebrate their daughter’s fourth birthday when their daughter made an unusual request for her party.

She asked her parents if she could have bath bombs for her birthday. Ryan and Lacey were surprised by their daughter’s request but Lacey decided to go ahead and get the proper ingredients and make bath bombs to pass out at her daughter’s party as favors to the guests who came.

The bath bombs were a hit with all of the parents at the party and Lacey began to receive requests from more and more people wanting more bath bombs.

Bath bombs are made up of different types of soaps and have different fragrances and colors. You simply put them in your bath tub full of water and watch the bombs go to work. They will begin to fizzle and then the water will change colors and an intoxicating aroma will fill the room.

Lacey felt the calling to start their own business making bath bombs and selling them to customers. Ryan was skeptical about the idea at first but they made the decision to go forward with the idea. They started out with just $200 and used their upstairs living room in their house as their office for the new business.

“I just kept feeling the push to go ahead and do it,” Lacey said. “We had no idea it would take off the way it has. It’s been an amazing experience so far.”

Lacey began to order all of the necessary ingredients and advertised their new business on Facebook. Before she knew what had hit her, she had sold $200 worth of her product and Bath Sorbet was born.

Bath Sorbet is the name of their company. Lacey handles all of the marketing and creative work for the business while Ryan handles the paperwork and label making for Lacey.

With the new business taking off the way it had, Lacey and Ryan decided it was time to move the business out of the upstairs living and find a shop for their bath bombs.

Ryan has a full-time job with an oil and gas company, so he is not able to be at the new business all of the time but Lacey handles the new store full time.

The new Bath Sorbet store is located at 733 S. Mustang Rd. in Yukon.

Lacey decided to start a website, as the amount of orders began to pile up. Their website is They also have a Facebook page and VIP Facebook page people can go to see all of the specials Bath Sorbet is putting on at that time.

They can also be reached at 405-406-1823 or at [email protected].

Their clients are not just area-based, as they have customers from all over the country ordering their product.

Every Thursday evening Bath Sorbet has what is called Feature Night on their website. They will post special items and people will be sitting at their computers waiting to purchase whatever the special may be that evening.

They will usually sell every item they post on their Feature Nights.

Recently, a national grocery store chain, Hy-Vee, signed Bath Sorbet up to run a display in their stores across the nation.

Bath Sorbet has a national following but despite their increasing popularity, they want to remain based out of Yukon.

Ryan and Lacey have been in Yukon since 2011 and they want to see their new business grow but have no plans of moving.

“We absolutely love Yukon and love this area,” Lacey said. “It is a great place to raise your kids and the people here are just amazing. It’s a small-town feel but it is growing like crazy and this is where we want to keep our business.”

All of the bath bombs at Bath Sorbet are made with hands and ingredients that they order. They now have four employees, who work for them at their new location.

They even have bath bombs for children that have toys inside the bath bomb that come out in the tub when the bomb fizzes out. Bath Sorbet also has a kid-friendly zone in the store as adults come in and get their bath bombs.

Outside of their Yukon store, Bath Sorbet has locations across the state in north Oklahoma City on Memorial Rd., Shawnee and Poteau.

“This has been an unbelievable experience so far,” Lacey said. “I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.”


  1. Dana Spence on December 13, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    Just got some today from my friend Fran for Christmas. Put in in my bath and LOVED it! Very moisturizing and wonderful scent! Read about your business so congratulations on your business! I’ll definitely be a customer!!!

  2. Fran curtis on February 11, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    I really enjoy Bath Sorbet!!! Lacey and the girls do such a great job..I love this place and recommend it to anyone

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