YHS senior named one of KOCO’s Free Ride finalists

Skyller Taylor, a 17-year-old senior at Yukon High School, was picked as a top five finalist for KOCO’s Eskridge Auto Free Ride contest.
Taylor will be attending Oklahoma State University to pursue a degree in construction engineering in the fall.
Taylor is a member of FFA and a soccer player at YHS.
Outside of school, Taylor works multiple jobs, attends church at Life.Church Yukon, and enjoys fishing and just hanging out with friends.
Taylor was nominated for the Eskridge Auto Free Ride contest by his grandma, to his surprise, but he was happy to find out he had been chosen as one of the finalists.
“Joy, just joy honestly. I was really excited. I was the first one to find out from a phone and it felt like kind of one of those scams you hear from a phone call where it’s like ‘you just won a cruise to blah blah blah’ so at first I was like ‘yeah, alright, got it,’ but I told my mom about it and she said that’s what your Mimi nominated you for because I never heard about it before,” Taylor said. “They called me back and I realized they were with KOCO and it was a real deal so it was pretty cool.”
Taylor works hard to do the best he can for himself.
“I believe I would be the most deserving nominee of the scholarship because I was raised by a single mother who I saw go through a lot of hardships growing up so I told myself as a kid that I never wanted to go through those same struggles as an adult,” Taylor said in a video on the KOCO website. “At the beginning of high school I told myself I was going to put in all my effort and all my time into making sure I had a great career. From keeping a good job, to starting on my high school soccer team, taking concurrent classes in high school, being top 10 percent of my class of 600 at Yukon, I feel like I’d be a pretty nominee. Thank you.”
Taylor was the first of five finalists to be surprised by KOCO during class. Bryan Keating with KOCO kicked off the announcement on April 11 at YHS. KOCO members were on camera while surprising each of the five finalists. To see Taylor’s reaction to being named a finalist, visit the KOCO website.
By being selected as one of the top five finalists Taylor has already won a $5,000 scholarship from KOCO, Prosperity Bank and Eskridge Auto Group, which he said he’s grateful for, but he’s hoping to win the top prize of a scholarship up to $25,000 and a 2016 Chevrolet Sonic LTZ.
Other than the $5,000 scholarship, Taylor has no other scholarships so far besides Oklahoma Promise.
“Winning would mean a future, a really good one; a life stress free from student loans, and maybe not a job my freshman year so I can settle in a little bit better and not have to stress out so much about having to pay for college and go to college at the same time. It’d definitely just keep me above water for sure,” Taylor said. “But with just the $5,000 I’m still 100 percent grateful for everybody that voted, everybody that helped me out with everything. I mean, $5,000 is a lot better than no dollars.
“I’m just thankful.”
Winners of the Free Ride contest will be decided upon by a panel of judges and be announced May 2.

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