The Paint Mill appreciates teachers, comes under new ownership

Lana Riverol, new owner of The Paint Mill in Yukon, is continuing on with Teacher Appreciation classes previous owner Aimee Bean started.
Riverol took over as owner of The Paint Mill on April 1.
“I kind of had previous knowledge of the paint and sip thing and it just kind of worked out. Fate was in my favor and [Bean] approached me about it because I had been working here about a month before she decided to go ahead and sell. She came to me and I was definitely interested so it just kind of worked out,” Riverol said.
She said her favorite part about The Paint Mill is just the interaction you get with everybody.
“The connections and seeing people kind of relax is always lots of fun,” Riverol said.
The Paint Mill will be gaining some new concepts, including “Painting on the Patio” nights which will be a more intimate setting for couples, some children’s classes and an open studio time during the summer.
“Just getting in more clients is exciting. There’s not a whole lot for people in Yukon to do so just looking for them to have something they can come spend some time doing and have a good time,” Riverol said.
The Paint Mill is staying in the same shopping center at 10 West Main, but is moving to a different suite that’ll give them a little more space while allowing The Lokal to expand into their former suite.
“We’ve been busy, but we’re getting excited. Hopefully this weekend will have classes and everything here. We’ve got to, we’ve got another teacher appreciation coming up,” Riverol said. “The Lokal is eager to move in and we’re eager to get over here.”
The Paint Mill will continue to have wine and beer. Since they’re no longer connected to The Lokal, they’ll have a wine and beer bar in the back of The Paint Mill with local brews, big names brews and seasonal wines. Riverol said she hasn’t looked at exactly what they’ll have yet, but they’ll work through things and see what else they can do.
Riverol and her husband Jonathon moved to Yukon about two years because they thought the Yukon Public Schools district was a good place for their son Ezra, 4, and eventually their daughter Amelia who is one and a half month old.
“The small town community with the big town accessibility to everything was definitely a draw as well,” she said.
Riverol is an artist and always has been. She’s done some pottery and stain glass, and she just finished a stain glass exhibition in the Plaza District in Oklahoma City before becoming the owner of The Paint Mill.
“I’ll have a lot of my own art in here, as well as the same local art that we have in the boutique already here as well. We’re kind of always looking. I understand the struggling artist side of it so I’m always up for helping out somebody else,” she said.
Bean originally started the Teacher Appreciation classes when she was approached by an organization and to honor Yukon Public Schools’ being named one of the Top 70 Workplaces.
“She decided to start those free classes and by all means it wasn’t something I was going to quit doing because I completely agree with [Bean] that teachers need to be reminded every once in a while that their efforts are being noticed. Especially for dealing with our kids when we don’t want to,” Riverol joked.
The Teacher Appreciation classes are a two-hour paint class offered free to YPS teachers. Canvases, paint brushes and paint are supplied for the teachers, and there are three different paintings The Paint Mill has been using for the Teacher Appreciation classes.
“They can always customize it, and we’ve had a lot of teachers doing that and putting their own little spin on things,” Riverol said. “It’s just a good time to come hang out.”
The classes are set up where each school’s teachers come at a different time on a different night, but teachers who cannot make their scheduled time can also come to another school’s time.
“We have had some teachers come in a few times because they enjoyed it so much the first time, and by all means, take advantage of coming in,” she said.
The Paint Mill has given away about $18,000 worth of free classes to Yukon teachers.
“It’s been quite a bit out of us, but karma comes around and you get from things what you put into it. That was a cost we knew we were taking on. We just want to give back, you always reap what you sow kind of thing,” Riverol said.
The Paint Mill also hosts different fundraisers and private events, including birthday parties for children and adults, bachelorette parties and more.
For fundraisers, people can pick their own price on top of theirs and determine how much money they’re going to make off of them.
The Paint Mill is focused on staying local so they’ll be attending Yukon events, including Festival of the Child where they’ll be giving free classes.
“We’re just letting people know we’re here for them,” Riverol said.
Anyone interested in taking a class at The Paint Mill can sign up and pay for the class at for one of the public events. People can pay at the door, but there’s no guarantee there will be a spot in the class.

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