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Yukon gains new feature painted by Yukon grad

A Yukon grad, along with three others, recently added a new feature to Yukon.
The 240 by 20 feet wall on the back of the 10 West Main building is no longer just a plain wall, but covered in art that’ll catch people’s eyes.
Richie Bean of Yukon, who referred to himself as “an optimistic serial entrepreneur,” said he knew what he wanted for the wall and thought Yukon graduate Tanner Frady would be the one for the job.
“I just had a vision to help create a great district in Yukon and I knew that Tanner would be the one to visually make the area pop,” Bean said.
Frady graduated from Yukon High School in 2009. He then went to the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond for a bit before deciding just to paint because “it’s a full time job.” Frady is the owner of Frady Cat Signs and mostly paints signs and murals.
Frady painted the wall with Dusty Gilpin of Tree & Leaf, Jake Beeson and Ashley Dawn.
They were told some ideas about what was wanted on the logo, including the Yukon Millers logo, the Miller Man, the Yukon Hotel and Progress Beer, but the design of it and where they went from there was up to them.
Beeson does a lot of murals in Tulsa so he created the design.
They had the design in front of them and first sketched it, then painted the whole thing.
The mural part of the job took about five days and the signage Frady did took an additional three days, according to Gilpin’s Tree & Leaf blog.
“All and all, we’re very pleased to have had the opportunity to leave a mark on Yukon in a big way,” the blog reads.
Frady said he’s happy to leave his mark on his hometown.
“It’s pretty cool. There’s not really anything like that in Yukon,” Frady said. “We’ve got a good response from people and everyone seemed to like it.”

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