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Sophomore success: Myka Heimbach is having a break-out year for Yukon

Since she was the young age of four-years-old, Myka Heimbach has been in love with the game of soccer. The Yukon High School sophomore is having a huge year for the Millerette soccer team in 2017.
Myka is a 15-year-old starting forward on the Yukon girls soccer team and is leading the YHS ladies with 10 goals this season. She has three hat tricks on the year, where she scored three goals in three different matches for the Millerettes.
Her latest outing with a hat trick came on Tuesday evening in Yukon’s 10-0 victory at Putnam City West.
Myka began playing soccer because he dad and older sister loved playing. Her father still plays soccer in an indoor league. He is a goalkeeper, so Myka likes to take him out in their back yard and see if she can score on him when he’s protecting the net.
She said of course that she wins most of the battles between father and daughter.
Myka has been going to Yukon Public Schools since she was in fourth grade when her family moved from Edmond to the Yukon area.
She started playing club soccer with the Oklahoma Futbol Club based out of Edmond but made the switch to South Lakes, which is based out of Moore. Myka has been playing club soccer with South Lakes for the past eight or nine years.
Even though she is a big-time goal scorer right now, she did not start out that way. Myka was a defender when she started playing the sport she loves. After several years of protecting the net, she was moved to the midfield and then several years later, she completed the trip all the way down the field and she is now a forward.
Myka is having an amazing season for her young age at the varsity level but the season didn’t start out that way for the young sophomore.
She hurt her knee during the preseason in late January and at one point, didn’t think she was going to be able to play all season, but with the help of the Yukon High School athletic training staff and her determination, Myka is having a break-out year with Yukon.
One of the things she is most proud of when it comes to scoring goals is her ability to score with both feet. Myka is right-footed but she is just as dangerous with her left foot as she is her right. She said she attributed that to making herself just use her left foot sometimes at practice to make sure its strong as well.
Of course, like most other high school athletes, one of Myka’s goals is to play soccer at the collegiate level. However, what is unique about Myka is that she isn’t worried about going to the biggest, best and most well-known school in the nation. She said very clearly that she wants to go to a school that she knows she will get to play and not sit the bench and hope for a chance.
However, she did say that she attended the University of Oklahoma girls soccer camp recently and loved every minute of it.
Myka’s athletic success doesn’t just stop on the soccer pitch. She is a highly-decorated runner at Yukon High School. This past fall, she qualified for the state cross country meet as a part of the YHS girls cross country team and she also ran track last year for Yukon.
She made the decision to not run for the girls track team going into this spring because with her playing soccer at the same time, she said she didn’t want to wear herself out.
However, last week at the Yukon Sundowner Meet, she attended just to watch her boyfriend compete in the event. The Yukon track coaches had other ideas. During the meet, she was approached by one of the track coaches from YHS and was asked to compete in the 400-meter dash and the 4×400-meter relay race.
At first, Myka thought it was a joke but then she realized they were serious. She said yes and went out and took first-place in the 400-meter dash and earned a medal in the 4×400-meter relay race.
She said she called her mom on the way home and told her what had happened and her mom didn’t believe her. When she walked through the door with medals in her hand, her mom was stunned.
Myka said she doesn’t know if she will run again this spring but she is going to talk to the track coaches soon to see if she can. She also added that will definitely run on the girls track team next spring as a junior.
Outside of the athletic forum, Myka is a terrific student. She has a 4.0 grade-point average and said one of her goals for the remainder of high school is to make straight A’s. She is a part of the National Honors Society and said she already knows that she wants to go to medical school.
In her free time, which is rare, Myka said she enjoys being around family and friends the most and she loves to watch hockey and go to University of Oklahoma football games with her dad.
She said her favorite hockey team is the Edmonton Oilers because that used to be the parent team for the Oklahoma City Barons when the Barons played here in Oklahoma City.
Myka said she got to go up to Edmonton one time with her family and see the Oilers play in person and she said it was an unbelievable person.
She said she never really had many hobbies growing up. Myka said she has always been goal-oriented and has always strived to be the best at whatever she does in life and she has always loved sports.
Recently in English class, each student was asked to write a paper about five things they loved. Myka said one of the topics she picked to write about that she loved was soccer. She said she wrote a page-and-a-half on soccer alone.
Myka said soccer helps takes the stress out of her life when she needs a break from things. When asked how much she loves the sport she plays, she looked up and smiled and said one simple word, “a lot”.

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