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Terra Construction works on multiple projects for Yukon

The City of Yukon is receiving a new water tower on Frisco Road and new restrooms at Ranchwood Park.
Terra Construction, Inc. was awarded both contracts after bidding.
The water tower bid is through the Tulsa district of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Triad Design Group recommended their bids to be approved, according to emails sent to City Manager Jim Crosby that were attached to City Council agendas.
Both projects are on schedule. Ranchwood restrooms will be completed either late April or early May, and the water tower will be completed Dec. 4 of this year.
“We’re even way ahead of schedule on some areas,” said Patrick “Pat” Ruby, vice president of Terra Construction.
The water tower is going to be a 150 feet tall, one million gallon water tank with the Yukon’s Best logo on top of just a white tower. The bottom of the tower will have a concrete finish.
“It’s going really good. Everything is working out,” said Jerry Siler, field superintendent for Terra Construction.
The Frisco Road water tower is “mainly for future development,” Ruby said. There’s a restricted amount of water that can get to the area near Frisco Road and this water tower allows easily accessible water and opens up the area to more development.
Construction of the water tower officially began Nov. 2, 2016. Last week Terra Construction had the first stage done, but said more progress would be made this week and will be progressing quickly from here on out.
The water tower is totaled at $3,434,000, Ruby said.
Through the same water tower agreement, Terra Construction constructed 1.35 miles of 12 foot water transmission pipeline also replaced all of the sanitary sewer lines in the Ranchwood Hills neighborhood.
The water pipeline begins at Vandament Avenue and proceeds through the northeast quadrant of the Frisco Road and Vandament Avenue intersection.
The sewer lines in Ranchwood were replaced using “pipe bursting technology,” means they install new plastic pipes while simultaneously breaking up the old clay pipes. They completed the sewer lines last week without ever affecting the main line.
The Ranchwood Park restrooms projects costs a total of $169,000.
The restrooms, located near the Ranchwood soccer fields, are replacing the previously existing restrooms.
Terra Construction got rid of the old restrooms and are building new ones from the ground up. The restrooms will have stainless steel plumbing fixtures.
There will be more updates on the project as they come to completion.

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