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Yukon BMX looks to purchase new starting gate

The Yukon BMX Raceway, located at 410 N. 11th St. in the Taylor Park Sports Complex, is in need of a new safety starting gate.
BMX riders and parents are trying to raise $15,000 to purchase a new safety starting gate to replace the “old outdated existing gate.”
If funded, the company is able to advertise on the gate with a custom vinyl wrap. If it’s fully funded, that company’s logo will be on the gate for a set amount of time for advertising, the gate will be named after the company and the company will be listed as a sponsor on their website. If partially funded, the funding will be split between eight companies and the gate will have a logo per lane.
Yukon BMX said they are in need of a new gate because their current one, installed in 2004, is hazardous.
The current gate never had shock absorbers installed so it bounces, and the steel has broken many times.
“The gate is becoming a hazard to our riders, so it’s time to do something about it,” read their proposal. “The proper fix is to replace it.”
City Manager Jim Crosby spoke with City Council members Tuesday during the work session because Yukon BMX isn’t asking the city to fund the project, but needs the City of Yukon to cosign a $25,000 loan for it.
Since it’s on Yukon’s property, the bank doesn’t want to do it unless the city cosigns so if Yukon BMX were to walk away, it becomes the city’s responsibility.
Crosby said the City of Yukon has cosigned for Yukon BMX before, and they’ve already paid that loan off in full.
“I’m not a BMX guy, but they bring in a lot of races with crowds,” Crosby said.
Crosby and City Council members didn’t come to a conclusion during the work session.

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