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Transfer Service may soon be up for bid

The City of Yukon’s current Transportation and Landfill Disposal Service contract is up and City Council members are looking to put it up for bid soon.
The city has been in contract with Waste Connections since July 2012, and now that the contract is going to be up City Council members had a choice to renew the contract, opt in to another five years or put it up for bid.
“Normally we do three years, but they’ve been under contract and have done a wonderful job,” City Manager Jim Crosby said.
The City of Yukon could have renewed Waste Connections contract for another five years, but under city ordinances Yukon is supposed to bid all contracts and contracts are supposed to have a three-year term.
City Attorney Gary Miller advised Crosby and Council members that they don’t necessarily have to bid since it’s not required in state law, but since it’s a city ordinance he thinks bidding would be the best option.
“We can renew that contract and go forth or we can put it up for bid and go forth,” Crosby said.
Brenda Merchant with Waste Connections visited Tuesday’s work session to speak on the company’s behalf.
“We’ve enjoyed having you guys. Since we got your contract, we’ve put in two waste stations so people don’t have to wait in line. It keeps that traffic flowing really good,” Merchant said. “I can tell you as far as our rates go that the City of Oklahoma City has what’s called a ‘Favored Nation Clause’ which is so waste management republic, any of your majors that have landfills, cannot charge less than what they charge the City of Oklahoma City.”
Merchant went on to explain that even with bidding it out, some of the other companies have to charge at least a penny more than they charge Oklahoma City.
“With our rates we have right now, our rates are considerably lower than what Oklahoma City charges right now. I feel more comfortable with what we charge and more comfortable about our safety management out at the landfill,” Merchant said.
Crosby said his intent is to go out for bid for a three-year term.
Council members didn’t say anything against going up for bid and seemed to agree it was the best option.

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