Samaritan EMS, city officials offer another payment option

City Council members approved an amendment to the Ambulance Service Agreement with Samaritan EMS that provides an additional option of payment for the membership program.
Samaritan officials, City Manager Jim Crosby and City Council members originally discussed amending the Ambulance Service Agreement during the March 21 work session before the regularly-scheduled City Council meeting.
The additional payment option was listed as the first amendment to the agreement on Tuesday’s City Council agenda.
The new payment option for the membership programs allows citizens to pay for the program through a $3.65 fee on their water bill each month.
Council members unanimously voted to accept the amendment.
Chris Prutzman, a representative from Samaritan, visited Tuesday’s meeting to explain what the payment option would be, and to ensure the Council that any citizens who have already made payments on the membership program would receive a full refund then instead would be charged through their water bill.
In the first proposed amended contract from the March 21 meeting, Samaritan said they “encourage the City of Yukon to choose an ‘Automatic Opt In’ for citizens and provide them the ability to Opt Out. This would rapidly provide coverage to citizens and allow them time to determine if they wish to remain members of the program,” but city officials could decide to opt out all citizens and citizens would then have to communicate with officials to be opted in.
Crosby said Tuesday that although they previously discussed the possibility of all citizens being opted in and those who do not want the service having to opt out, this additional payment option is just for citizens who choose to opt in to the membership program.
The membership subscription is a contract for one year and covers a household. It approximately covers out-of-pocket fees like copay and deductible, Jason Likens, chief operating officer for Samaritan, previously told Council members.
Samaritan officially began serving the City of Yukon on March 5 and have since been meeting efficient response times and receiving positive feedback from citizens and city officials.

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