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Genteel Reflections prepares to close its doors

Genteel Reflections Gifts & Decor will soon be closing their doors after being open in Yukon about 13 years.
The concept of the store came together in 2003 and the store opened in 2004, but now Owner Danny Osterberger is closing Genteel Reflections, located at 1777 Garth Brooks Blvd., to spend more time with family.
Osterberger has three girls, the oldest going to be a freshman in High School next fall.
“Mainly just to pursue different opportunities. I’ve got three little girls and I’m trying to focus on quality of life for them,” he said. “My kids are growing up fast and that’s my focus.
Osterberger and his family also no longer live in Yukon, but live Northeast of Tulsa. They’ve been running Genteel Reflections remotely for years, but have decided it’s just time to do something different and maybe open another brick and mortar store closer to where they live later down the road.
“I’m just trying to simplify our lives. It’s been a good long run and it’s becoming more and more difficult for brick and mortar stores to compete with the web,” he said. “It’s been a good long run, but it’s the right time. It’s just time to do something different.”
Osterberger said he’s not sure what they’re going to do next, but they’re “just waiting to see what this world has in store” for them.
“I’m sure we’ll always continue to do some kind of business thing but it’s been a good transition. Yukon has been good to us over the years,” he said.
Genteel Reflections is completely going away, but will still be up and running.
Genteel Reflections used to carry the candles in store, but it’s a line the Osterbergers are continuing.
All of Genteel Reflections’ merchandise besides the Tyler candles are part of the closing sale.
Some of the sales include 30 percent off all home décor, new born wear, Arthur Court Silver and greeting cards; 35 percent off Vera Bradley perfume; 20 percent off all Vera Bradley and Brighton Charms, and half off all Christmas items.
There is no official closing date yet, but Osterberger said it primarily depends on when all the merchandise is gone.
“If we sold everything today we’d close tomorrow,” he said.
Needing to sell all of the merchandise is one of the reasons for the big sale, but thanking their longtime loyal customers is the other reason.

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