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First United Methodist Church’s new youth director gets settled in

First United Methodist Church Yukon has a new director of Youth Ministries.
Michael Horn, a 2016 graduate of Oklahoma City University, became the youth director for FUMC Yukon on March 1.
Horn heard about the job through a friend, who is actually the son of the previous pastor. He recommended that he apply for the job.
Before that Horn was working as a part time youth director at New Life United Methodist Church in Norman, and working a side job at U-Haul, while also working as a Teacher’s Assistant at Astec Charter School in Oklahoma City.
While working all three jobs, Horn was “chasing” different job openings, and when he found the youth director job in Yukon, he decided it was close enough to Oklahoma City and would be a good spot for him.
Although Horn is still getting settled in to his new position, he said it’s going well.
“I’m excited for what is to come. The church is beginning to grow and a lot of people are on board with that so it’s exciting to be a part of something that is looking toward the future. I think it’s great,” he said.
As the director of youth ministries, Horn oversees all youth programming. He’s also being introduced to leading the music for the modern worship service. Once he’s fully been introduced to that, he’ll also have the title of music worship leader for the modern service.
Horn said he doesn’t necessarily have an end goal right now because he’s just focusing on getting his “feet wet” in the position, but he knows that one of his goals is just to make sure what he’s teaching is as real as possible so youth group members feel comfortable enough to question things and form their own beliefs rather than just Horn’s beliefs.
He said the youth programs are beginning to do more now that they have a constant person in the position that can devote all of his time to them.
“It’s exciting and I’m just ready to get started with more,” Horn said.
He said his greatest goal would be to get everybody involved in the church, especially sixth through 12th graders. He doesn’t want them to just come to church on Sunday mornings then go home, but actually be involved and make it a home.
Horn grew up in Granbury, Texas in a Methodist Church. He then chose to stay in that realm as he attended a Methodist university and began working at a Methodist church.
While some people start in youth ministries then move on, youth ministries is exactly where Horn wants to be. He was originally drawn to ministry because of his own youth director from Texas growing up. Horn said his youth director was really involved in their lives and through his influence he was able to take on leadership roles in the church and realize where he wanted to be.
“I want to be the role model for the youth the way he was for me,” Horn said. “He was a big inspiration on what I wanted to do with my life.”
Horn now lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, Cari. The two got married in November and Horn said he loves being married.
“It’s good to have a partner in crime and always have some with you,” Horn said. “She’s also involved with youth and that’s how we met so she’s very helpful and excited.”
Other than work and living the married life, Horn coaches high school boys soccer at Astec Charter School, which is why he originally applied for the teacher’s assistant position in the first place.
Horn is enjoying working in Yukon so far. He said he lived within the “OCU bubble” for most of his time living in Oklahoma so he joked that he doesn’t know much else besides N.W. 23rd St. and Pennsquare Mall, but he plans to explore Yukon and get to know the town better soon. Horn said he does feel comfortable in Yukon though and said it’s easy to get used to because the city and the church are similar in size to his hometown and home church in Texas.
He also said he likes the atmosphere he’s in within FUMC. Although he works normal work hours, he said there’s so many different things he could be doing, working on or planning and he likes the freedom of just doing what he enjoys.
“Doing all of this planning for the youth is why I got involved and it’s a great age group,” Horn said.
Horn said he didn’t have much to add about himself, but he just encourages people to give church youth programs a try.
“Come to this youth group or another youth group. They’re not all the same. Just like churches, if you don’t like one that doesn’t mean you don’t like them all. You may relate more to certain sermons or people. Just get involved and try it out,” he said.

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