YMS students named BizKid$ Entrepreneur Champions

Students from Yukon Middle Schools’ Route 333 after school program recently competed and won the BizKid$ Entrepreneur Contest—locally and regionally.
Six students from the program first represented YMS at the BizKid$ Entrepreneur Contest on March 1 at the Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City campus.
BizKid$ is a credit union-funded public TV series that teaches children ages 9-16 years old about money management and entrepreneurship. The program uses young actors and sketch comedy to explain basic economic concepts, said Aimee Sikes, Yukon Community Education coordinator.
The Yukon Community Education office partners with Weokie Credit Union to bring a couple of “exciting” entrepreneurship opportunities to their programs.
Route 333 is the most recent program that benefited from the partnership with Weokie.
All students in Route 333 helped in the research, as well as the design and the business plan they created for the competition.
After conducting their research, the students developed stress balls called “Squish Ems.” They’re made by filling a sock with beans and adding a coat of peppermint oil.
Peppermint oil is known to have a calming effect and is released when the Squish Ems are used.
The students continued to do their research after the product was developed, then created a three-year business plan with projected sales, how they will market and advertise for their product and more.
For the process and the presentation, each of the six students had to have a specific role. Those roles included Jake Stillwell as CEO, Elena Devarenne as director of marketing, Harrison Hines as director of research, Ruby Barker as director of production, Ellie Marks as director of public relations, and Patrick Miley as director of finance.
The students competed March 1 against five area schools from Oklahoma City, Putnam City and Edmond. Judges included a college professor, a small business owner, a non-profit director and two credit union executives.
Yukon won first place at the March 1 competition then their videotaped presentation moved on to Dallas to the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation BizKid$ Entrepreneur Contest to compete against students from Texas and Arkansas.
The six students visited Monday’s Yukon Public Schools Board of Education meeting to present the full presentation for Squish Ems they competed with and give board members one of their stress balls.
“Squish the stress, ace the test,” the winning presentation ended with.
Two representatives from Weokie Credit Union came to the meeting and spoke after the presentation, for what the students thought was just support, but they had a special surprise.
The Weokie representatives surprised the students by announcing the results of the BizKid$ competition that schools from Texas and Arkansas were in, and Yukon was victorious.
“I think you can see why they won,” Brent with Weokie said during Monday’s meeting.

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