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Samaritan EMS, city officials reworking contract to best serve community

After officially beginning their contract with the City of Yukon on March 5, Samaritan EMS has had a positive and successful few weeks.
Samaritan even served 18 calls on Tuesday, March 14.
They also have been meeting efficient response times and have received positive comments and praise from Yukon residents, according to City Manager Jim Crosby and Mike McEachern, vice mayor and Council member for Ward 4.
“We’re very proud to have this group here and we’re very happy with their service,” Crosby said.
“It’s been a good change,” McEachern said.
With a successful few weeks under their belts, Samaritan is now working with Crosby and City Council members to amend their contract to make sure it’s inclusive of everything the residents of the City of Yukon needs with no questions or doubts about their service.
Samaritan brought the first amendment to City Council’s work session on Tuesday for Council members to look over. The new contract is not finished and there isn’t an exact date of when it will be, but Council members will have to approve the new contract once it’s completed.
The first amendment to the contract includes the amount of $43.80 for the membership subscription fee, which was not yet decided when the initial contract was approved at the Jan. 2 City Council meeting, and the potential option to just add a $3.65 per month fee per household onto Yukon residents’ utility bills for the subscription.
The membership subscription is a contract for one year and covers a household. It approximately covers out-of-pocket fees like copay and deductible, Jason Likens, chief operating officer for Samaritan, previously told Council members.
The fee being added to utility bills is just in discussion right now and is by no means finalized. That will be up to the Council in the future, if it is something they are interested in.
In the first proposed amended contract, Samaritan said they “encourage the City of Yukon to choose an ‘Automatic Opt In’ for citizens and provide them the ability to Opt Out. This would rapidly provide coverage to citizens and allow them time to determine if they wish to remain members of the program,” but city officials could also decide to opt out all citizens ad citizens would then have to communicate with officials to be opted in.
If Council members decide to add the $3.65 fee to utility bills then people who have already paid for their membership subscription would be refunded then would instead pay through their utility bill.
Also added to the proposed amendment is that if a citizen of Yukon is a member of the subscription program but Samaritan is unable to provide them service within the limits of the City of Yukon due to an ambulance not being available and Samaritan has to call for mutual aid, then they will pay their copay and deductible for the other ambulance service. However, according to the proposed amendment, they will only do so if the citizen was transported by a mutual aid ambulance; the location for the request was in the Samaritan-Yukon established response area; the transport was determined to meet medically necessary requirements; the citizen produced to Samaritan a bill, invoice or transcript stating the specific copay and deductible amounts, and the bill, invoice or transcript will only apply to the original request for service that Samaritan was not able to service and as a result requested mutual aid.
There were no further proposed amendments to the contract and no decision was voted on during Tuesday’s City Council meeting. The amendments will still continue and be discussed to be voted on in the future.

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