Crosby meets with residents to hear concerns, suggestions

City Manager Jim Crosby met with some concerned citizens this week.
Crosby told City Council members Tuesday during their work session that he met with the citizens on Monday evening. The meeting was set up by Scott Myrick with some residents who were expressive of their opinions or concerns about the City of Yukon on the Yukon Happenings Facebook page. Myrick was unable to make the meeting he set up due to car troubles, Crosby said.
Crosby said options for the land where the Sports Complex would’ve been built if passed during the March 7 special election were discussed. The attendees had both questions and suggestions for the land.
One woman who attended the meeting told Crosby she had done an analysis and would be able to do the same park for only $5 to $7 million, but Crosby said the city got the estimates done and for it to be up to code with the state, and widening Frisco Road to four lanes, which is an expensive job, was also included in that budget.
All of the attendees weren’t residents within the legal city limits of Yukon, but told Crosby they consider themselves Yukon residents because it is where they eat and shop.
Some of the attendees who were not Yukon residents, but Oklahoma City residents, asked about sales tax and why Yukon can’t have Oklahoma City’s sales tax, Crosby said. They also said they could talk with Oklahoma City about making it happen.
Crosby told Council members that he explained to the attendees how vital sales tax is to cities in Oklahoma and that Oklahoma City is already down in sales tax, just as everyone else is, so they will not give up their sales tax.
He also explained to Council members that he’s already visited with Oklahoma City and none of the sales tax will go to Yukon.
Other questions or concerns that came up during the meeting included development west of the hospital, vehicles purchased for the city, the land west of Wal-Mart and the Yukon Fire Department’s yellow fire engines.
Crosby confirmed with Council members that the City of Yukon hasn’t purchased any new vehicles since he became City Manager in June of last year, but some vehicles have been painted. The only vehicles that will be purchased soon are the police vehicles will come from the Yukon Police Department’s Public Employees Sales Tax (PEST) Revenue fund.
He also confirmed that the land west of Wal-Mart hasn’t been sold yet, and Yukon will not be helping with development west of the hospital at this time due to previous let downs.
The City of Yukon previously paid for the road near there with promises of businesses such as Crest Fresh Market and Academy Sports + Outdoors coming to that location, but none of the promises businesses will be built there.
“It’s just empty promises from the other side,” Crosby said.
Fire Chief Kevin Jones addressed the question about the yellow fire engines. He said they’re older engines but they are still maintained and running well, and they are kept inside as back up fire engines.
Mayor John Alberts questioned the meeting and if it would be an ongoing discussion, which he said he thinks needs to happen.
Crosby said it’ll have to be because it’s definitely going to take more dialogue.
“City financials are more difficult than people understand,” Crosby said.

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