Building a foundation: Yukon football begins new era weight, conditioning program

When new Yukon head football coach was hired in January, he talked about wanting to change the mentality of the program and create a new culture for Miller football.

Reed said changing the mindset of his players starts now with a strong work ethic.

“The foundation of our whole program is going to be our strength and conditioning program,” Reed said.

Yukon started their weight and conditioning program this past week and Reed said it is designed to challenge his players in many ways.

“We are going to build not only physical but mental strength as well,” Reed said. “We are using the strength and conditioning program that Coach Rob Glass uses at Oklahoma State. We are very blessed to be able to use this program. It is designed to build the total athlete, not just a football player.”

The new strength and conditioning program is centered-around creating explosiveness and flexibility. Reed said he has been using this program for his football teams since 2010.

“We are not looking to build bulk,” Reed said. “We are into getting more explosive and being more flexible. We want to be the total athlete.”

Reed cited the changing of the game of football as the reasoning behind the different type of program. Football is not played like it used to be with a bunch of big, burly players who couldn’t move very well. The game is faster and played at a high tempo, which changes the type of athlete that is required to have success in today’s game.

The new strength and conditioning program will consist of two days working on explosiveness and two power days with a speed program that will intertwine throughout the week. The power days will also include a mentally challenging period designed around body-weight Cross Fit.

Reed said the benefits of being mentally tough will come into play during the season.

“Since I have been doing this program, there have been many occasions where we have pointed back to our offseason program and said there is nothing any game situation could give us that is tougher than that was, so we really believe it,” Reed said.

The program is a six-week program and it will run up until the Millers open spring practice on May 16. Yukon will use a similar strength and conditioning program this summer when they begin their summer program.

“Our summer program is pretty similar,” Reed said. “It will look a little different in terms of our conditioning. We will incorporate some endurance running into our conditioning workouts but our explosive and power workouts will be the same. We will also continue with the mental toughness workouts.”

The unique thing about this strength and conditioning program is its ability to be individually tailored to each athlete.

“Every one of our players will have their own tailored workout that is specifically for him,” Reed said. “We want to give our players the best possible chance to succeed and having a successful program starts right here with the strength and conditioning program.”

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