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Beauty and the Beast is ‘magical, beautiful’

The 2017 Beauty and the Beast live-action remake truly is a breath of fresh air.
The remake stayed true to the original plot, some scenes being almost an exact match to the 1991 cartoon, which has brought about some complaints, but I thought it was brilliant. Director Bill Condon kept the original “tale as old as time” intact with just a few slight changes, while perfectly casting the characters to make that tale come to life.
Emma Watson was the perfect Belle. Watson was graceful, beautiful, intelligent and compassionate, and had great poise. She also maintains the look of the Belle we grew accustomed to in the cartoon. Dan Stevens was the perfect Beast as he nailed the selfish and arrogant young prince, the ferocious beast and the awkward, but charming characteristics that begin to shine through as he falls for Belle.
Luke Evans and Josh Gad were also perfectly casted as the best friend pair of Gaston and LeFou. Gaston’s narcissistic, selfish and villainy “charm” and LeFou’s adoring and a little obsessive attitude toward Gaston were captured better than I ever could have imagined them to be. And for those who were worried about Condon’s announcement about LeFou being Disney’s first openly gay character and the “exclusively gay moment,” don’t get your panties in a bunch because if he wouldn’t have mentioned it, no one would even notice. That “exclusively gay moment” is at the very end, and LeFou himself doesn’t even seem to be fully aware of his homosexual feelings throughout the film. Instead he seems to be just realizing them while still trying to figure it all out. Just as in the cartoon, LeFou isn’t a huge part of the plot, but more like comedic relief as the silly sidekick to the villain.
The live action Beauty and the Beast is both magical and beautiful, and takes Disney’s original cartoon to a whole new level by making it seem like a mainstage musical with fully choreographed dances and the beautiful operatic voice of Audra McDonald combined with the beautiful voices of the rest of the cast.
As someone who grew up watching the cartoon, I couldn’t be any happier with the remake. I actually teared up as watching it because it was enchanting, breathtaking and just absolutely beautiful—better than I ever imagined it to be. I’ll probably go see it another two or three times in theaters before buying in on Blu-Ray, so I definitely recommend taking the chance to see this masterpiece!

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