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Firefighters put out Wildfire

Multiple fire crews responded to a wildfire just north of Yukon around 5 p.m. Monday evening.
Yukon, Oklahoma City, Piedmont and Richland firefighters rushed to try to get the wildfire under control around the 12000 block of West Wilshire Boulevard near Piedmont Road.
About 65 acres of land burned.
The fire was finally under control at about 6:30 p.m., Yukon Fire Chief Kevin Jones said, but crews didn’t leave there until about 8 or 9 p.m.
There isn’t confirmation on the cause of the fire, but Jones said thinks they were doing some landscaping or mowing that may have sparked the fire.
“That’s just a guess because we haven’t done the investigation yet,” the chief added.
The fields are Bermudagrass, which is “really heavy growth,” Jones said, and creates what firefighters would call “a huge fire load.”
“With the wind conditions, the dry conditions, that thing started moving and it just takes a lot more water to put those out,” Jones said.
The home of Express Employment Professionals founder, CEO and chairman Robert A. Funk was in the path of the fire, but crews stopped the fire before reaching his home.
“Man we worked really hard to keep it away from Mr. Funk’s house and get that thing knocked down,” Jones said. “We got a nice stop around the house, we got a nice stop at Wilshire then we kind of did the hot spots. Our guys were really worn out by the evening, but they did a nice job working that fire.”
The fire was also stopped before damaging the Express Clydesdales.
Jones said the Yukon Fire Department had great help from the other fire departments.
“They all did a really nice job yesterday. It’s good to have good relationships with our neighboring departments. Those guys did a great job for us,” Jones said.
Jones wanted to warn people with the conditions this time of year, wildfires are possible, and especially with that particular type of grass, it’s dangerous.
“I don’t know if people understand the dangers of what happens with a wild one,” Jones said.
Canadian County is still under a burn ban and Jones encourages people to “be really careful.”
“The conditions are terrible,” Jones said. “It can get out of control and sometimes it’s very difficult to get it back into control.”

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