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New School Board member appointed for Seat 2

Vacant school board seat filled by Oldham

A new school board member has been appointed to fill a vacant seat on the Mustang Public School’s Board of Education. Stacy Oldham, 42, of Mustang was appointed for a five-year-term during a special meeting of the MPS School Board on Tuesday.

The school board selected Oldham for seat 2, which was vacant, from several other candidates. A new law allows vacant seats to be filled by residents outside the seat’s ward if no one runs in the election. Oldham said his interest for the seat was engaged by community leaders.

“The main thing for me is, I’m a Mustang graduate and my kids will be, this is my opportunity to give back,” Oldham said. “I feel like it’s my duty to serve and give back.”

One thing Oldham said he would like to bring to the board is a fiscally conservative viewpoint of day-to-day business of the board. Oldham is a small business owner and has served on several community committees. He is married to Kyra Oldham and they have two children in the Mustang School District.

Board Chairman, Chad Fulton, said the board voted for Oldham out of three excellent candidates. Fulton said they selected Oldham because he was a great fit for the board.

“He shares the same belief with other board members, kids first, community and district second,” Fulton said.

Oldham graduated from Mustang High School and attended Oklahoma State University. He is the owner of University and Student Services in Oklahoma City. USS is the premier service provider to over 75 universities across the country. The company provides universities with custom move-in solutions and direct-to-student fundraising services.


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