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New cupcake shop ‘takes Yukon by storm’

Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery is Yukon’s newest and sweetest shop.
Owners Chris and Laura Watson have wanted to own their own business ever since they got married, they just weren’t sure what kind of business they wanted to own.
“Kind of the American dream—wanted to be our own bosses. Last year, I was an HR manager for an oil and gas company and my company sold so it was kind of one of those crossroads like ‘if we’re gonna do it, this is the time to do it.’ So we jumped in and decided to open,” Laura said. “We talked for years about what we wanted to do then we kind of narrowed it down to dessert. Dessert makes people happy, right?”
“Dessert makes me happy,” Chris added.
“We wanted a simple business plan, nothing too complicated. It was just kind of one of those things that evolved. We happened to be in Jenks at the Aquarium and there’s a Smallcakes over there. We went in and we really liked the feel and the cupcakes were delicious. We kind of felt like it was a thing where God made us see it and we contacted the owner, and things just started rolling from there,” Laura said.
Chris and Laura opened SmallCakes on Feb. 4 at 1600 Garth Brooks Blvd. #120. They chose to open in Yukon because they live here and because it’s Laura’s hometown, where she grew up and graduated.
“It’s a growing community and a great place to start a business,” Laura said.
They plan to open two more locations in the next three years or so, but they haven’t decided on where yet.
Chris and Laura don’t have any baking background, but since Smallcakes is a franchise, they said the corporate training is “wonderful” and is what makes the shop what it is.
When the corporate trainer came to do training, he also made sure to let Chris and Laura know they have what he would call a “dream team,” and Chris and Laura couldn’t say enough about how great their staff is.
Smallcakes offers 12 flavors of cupcakes every day, daily specials and homemade ice cream.
The 12 daily flavors include birthday cake, caramel crunch, choco-holic, chocolate cream, cookies n cream, “famous” red velvet, hot fudge sundae, lemon drop, peanut butter cup, pink vanilla, pink chocolate and vanilla n chocolate.
Visit for full descriptions of the flavors.
This week’s specials include:
—The Bees Knees today,
—Fruit Tartlet Thursday,
—Coconut and Krispy Rice Cream Friday,
—Southern Caramel and Strawberries n Crème Saturday, and
—Cookie Dough on Sunday.
Smallcakes is also the home of the “cupshake” and the “cupcake smash.” A cupshake is a milk shake with a cupcake blended into it and the cupcake smash is a cupcake cut in half aligned with the bottom of the cupcake, two scoops of ice cream and the top of the cupcake on top.
“It’s getting really popular already. We’ve been open for a little over two weeks and people are like ‘oh, I want that cupcake smash or that cupshake.’ They keep asking because I keep posting pictures of them because they’re amazing,” Chris said. “We’re taking Yukon by storm.”
Smallcakes also does custom cakes, cupcakes and mini cupcakes with advance notice.
Everything sold is baked fresh daily, and the owners agreed there’s something special about the Smallcakes cupcakes. Chris said the cupcakes are made with two ingredients normal cupcakes are not made with, referring to it as their “secret sauce.”
The pricing is $3.75 per cupcake and $39 per dozen, $3 for a scoop of ice cream, and $8 for a cupshake or cupcake smash.
“It seems more expensive, but it’s more of a fancy dessert place. We stand by our product because it’s amazing. It’s worth the money,” Chris said.
When it comes to the business, Laura is focusing more on the administrative side while Chris is “just slinging cupcakes,” as he puts it at least.
The two owners are confident and excited when they talk about the business, the flavors and every bit of what Smallcakes has to offer.
Chris said he’s a huge dessert person, especially anything red velvet, and Smallcakes’ red velvet cupcakes are the best he’s ever had.
“And not only because it’s my business,” he joked. “There’s just something about it.”
After only being open for about two and a half weeks, Smallcakes has already gained some regular customers, gotten a lot of positive reviews, and made it onto a Yelp “Best Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt in Yukon, OK” list.
“We totally agree,” Chris joked.
“It’s really exciting,” Laura said.
Smallcakes will be hosting their grand opening on March 25. The grand opening will include an appearance from the owner of Smallcakes, face painting, balloon animals and the Thunder Girls and Thunder Drummers.
Chris is the drum captain for the Thunder Drummers so he said he’s excited to have them at the grand opening of the store.
The SmallCakes owner, Jeff Martin, has appeared on Cupcake Wars and The View.
Chris and Laura use social media as a way to advertise their daily specials, post photos of their product and get in touch with customers.
Check out their Facebook page at Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery – Yukon, OK or their Instagram @smallcakesyukon for more information.
SmallCakes is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sundays.
Their phone number is 494-7056.
“Come by and see us,” Laura said.

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    It is a great start and social media can really help to grow it more.

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