Saying goodbye to Dérailleur, hello to The Lokal

The Lokal is a new “Okie cuisine” restaurant coming to Yukon on Valentine’s Day.
Dérailleur, an “American cuisine” restaurant in Yukon located at 10 West Main St., Suite 100, came under new ownership Jan. 26. Scott and Susie Condict first partnered with Richie Bean, previous owner of Dérailleur, but then bought the whole thing from him before changing the restaurant to The Lokal.
Scott said he already had the idea for the rebranding and it was going to be done when Bean was still an owner as well.
The Lokal is changing up the décor of Dérailleur as well as expanding on the menu. Scott said they’re keeping some of Dérailleur’s most popular dishes while also adding some new Okie favorites.
Some of the Dérailleur menu items they kept include the pan fried chicken, salmon, daily soups, charcuterie, hummus, and hand-whipped ice cream. They will also still have their flatbread pizzas, but they’ll have new toppings.
Scott said it’s difficult since the kitchen is so small, but they’ve added a new vent hood and new equipment so they can still make those menu options, while also expanding the menu.
Some of the new menu items include fried deviled eggs, The Lokal Bison Burger, bone-in brined pork chop, chicken fried steak, smoked sweet and baked potatoes, and fried pies.
“I’m calling it an Okie-cuisine. It’s things that people love and enjoy, but we’re going to give it to them in a way they’ve never tasted it. That’s our goal,” Scott said.
The Lokal will be serving lunch and dinner. Lunch will be served at 11 a.m. through “whenever it lasts” and dinner will be served from 5-9 p.m. on weekdays and 5-10 p.m. on weekends.
The lunch menu includes four sandwiches, a burger, salads and a daily soup. The dinner menu includes nine starters, 10 main course dishes, four salads, nine side options and three dessert options.
They also have their Lokal Cocktails.
The Lokal has an industrial Oklahoma style and will keep the same concept Dérailleur had of farm to table as much as possible, Scott said.
The Lokal will be hosting a grand opening, but Scott said they’re waiting until after Spring Break so it’ll be warmer and they’ll be able to use the patio, which he called their best asset. No date has been set yet for the grand opening.
Scott is Okie-raised and is a former Life.Church pastor who always wanted to own his own restaurant. Susie is a Yukonite who graduated from Yukon High School in 1999 and is a nurse for Mercy. They have three children together and family is important to them, Scott said, which is why they’re making the restaurant more child-friendly.
They’ve added a soda machine, and created the “Little Lokals” menu which includes a cheeseburger, Lil Lokal chicken tenders, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, and a pepperoni and cheese flat bread pizza.
General Manager Deb Burrow said before many people would ask if children were even allowed in Dérailleur, so she thinks this will appeal to customers more.
The restaurant now also has lower prices and more options, as well as a big screen TV. Scott said before Dérailleur was supposed to be more upscale dining, but he would say The Lokal is more like an upscale pub and more like what the town of Yukon wants and will love.
People can come watch a game and enjoy a beer or enjoy a nice dinner in a cool environment without driving to the Plaza District in Oklahoma City.
“It embraces a larger group of customers,” Burrow said. “A lot of people who came when it was Dérailleur, there wasn’t a lot of selection, it wasn’t really kid-friendly and it was a little pricy. That was a comment we got a lot. I’m just going off reviews. We’re trying to do the pricing more middle of the road.”
Scott said he knows the location is “a little obscure” and they’re tucked away, so they’re trying to find ways to let people know they’re there.
“Just getting people in the door to let them know what we’ve got here. A good way to say it is, if I was going to take someone to a restaurant that represented the state of Oklahoma, I would want this place to be that. The cuisine, the atmosphere, the hospitality, that’s what I want us to achieve,” Scott said. “I’m most excited about just being able to see people enjoy themselves and be able to hang out in a place that really is accessible to families and anyone who lives in this town. They don’t have to drive to the Plaza District to get something of this style. They can eat right here in Yukon and be proud of something that we’ve put together. Really just seeing the concept flourish and grow.
“We have a special place in our hearts for Yukon so we’d like to provide something unique for the area that people will really love.”
To find out more about The Lokal, visit The Lokal Yukon on Facebook or @thelokalyukon on Instagram.

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