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City Council continues to work toward transparency

City Council showed Tuesday they are still working on being more transparent and open with Yukon citizens.
Mayor John Alberts mentioned during Tuesday’s City Council meeting that the City Council agendas will now be posted on the City of Yukon’s Facebook page prior to each meeting. Alberts said he hopes posting the agenda on the Facebook page will allow for more citizens to be aware of the meetings and what will be discussed, as well as continue helping the Council be as transparent as possible.
The agendas are already posted on the City of Yukon’s website, and full recordings of the meetings are posted on the City of Yukon’s YouTube channel.
Alberts said he hopes adding another outlet will help keep citizens informed.
After multiple citizens visited Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Alberts used his time during the “Council Discussion” section of the meeting to thank everyone for coming. He said he appreciates people asking questions and that although they may not always agree, they need the input.
“Politicians aren’t who make us, it’s the people,” Alberts said.
A “Mayor’s Message” section, as well as an “Annual Budget” section have also been added to the City of Yukon’s website under the City Council tab to provide more information and transparency.
“As the Mayor of Yukon I encourage the community to be ‘part of the process.’ I believe ‘your opinion matters.’ If you have issues, concerns or ideas for improvement come be part of the process the first and third Tuesday of every month at the regularly scheduled City Council meeting,” the Mayor’s Message reads. “Finally, as Mayor I challenge our community members to become involved. Find a way to leave Yukon a little better this year than last. Make Yukon a better place to live for you and your family.”

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