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‘A Latte Love’ to go around

Latte LoveLocal business owners are spreading love all over Oklahoma through coffee.

A Latte Love Coffeehouse is a Christian mobile coffee shop that’s primary goal is to spread love wherever it goes.

“We are feeding off the fact that our whole business is about the word needs more love,” Owner Ceeja Malmkar said. “There’s actually a scripture, John 4:16, that says ‘God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.’ So we’re trying to promote something. There’s a lot of negative things going around right now so we’re trying to bring the love right back into it.”

Malmkar and her husband Lucas live in Surrey Hills. They opened the shop in November 2014 and went full time with it in March 2015.

“My husband always wanted to own a coffee shop and we saw the market one, then we saw how big Oklahoma is with food trucks so we just decided to combine the two ideas and create something new,” Malmkar said.

A Latte Love have an array of expresso beverages including lattes—iced or hot, frappes, their own spin on an Italian cream soda called “Love Potions,” hot teas, chai tea, gourmet hot chocolate, and a frozen hot chocolate.

“We’re basically a full coffeehouse on wheels,” Malmkar said.

A Latte Love is known for its flavors, which are “kind of crazy,” she added.Frapp

They offer a variety of flavors—vanilla, chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, coconut, almond, hazelnut, English toffee, cheesecake, peanut butter, blueberry, raspberry, southern bourbon caramel, turtle cheesecake, brown sugar cinnamon, snickers and almond joy.

“We definitely have some different flavors that you’re not going to find at any other coffeehouse,” Malmkar said.

They have sugar free flavors available, as well as fat-free milk available.

In February they will also be doing two feature flavors including white-chocolate covered strawberry and red velvet cheesecake.

All lattes and frappes include up to two flavors.

A full menu with prices can be found on their Facebook page, A Latte Love Coffeehouse.

Malmkar said they’re “all about the love” so when they’re out places they get to know their customers, try to remember each of them and really build relationships with them.

She also said her and Lucas are really into community and are all about supporting local businesses and people.

The truck “goes everywhere,” Malmkar said, and they’re out somewhere six days a week. They go to weddings, parties, the Oklahoma State Fair, the Chickasha Festival of Lights, trade shows, churches, schools, The Bleu Garten, Delmar Gardens, and more.

A Latte Love coffeehouseA Latte Love uses social media to let people know where they’ll be located throughout the week and how long they’ll be there. Malmkar said they put the schedule on social media at the beginning of each week so people have plenty of notice.

A Latte Love can be found on their Facebook page, on Twitter @ALatteLoveCoffe and on Instagram @alattelovecoffee. Follow them for more information or to find out where they’ll be for the week.

People who are interested can also call 812-7298 to order delivery or to book A Latte Love for an event.

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