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Yukon businesses targeted again by OG&E scam

More Yukon businesses were targeted by OG&E scammers searching to make a quick buck.

The Miller Grill, 326 Elm Ave., became the target of an OG&E scam call on Dec. 27.

Owner Sherry McCormack had received the call that afternoon. The caller ID said OG&E and the man on the other end of the line proceeded to inform her their bill was past due and they owed almost $850, which is around the amount of their electric bill normally runs. She was also told that if she didn’t pay the delinquent bill someone would be coming to shut off their electric. He then gave her a phone number to call to pay the bill.

McCormack and her husband Jason said the call sounded legitimate and the number to call back was what sounded like a legitimate OG&E automated system.

Craig Davis with One Faith Boutique, 425 W. Main St., took to the Yukon Happenings page on Facebook Wednesday to warn Yukon residents of the same scam. The caller told them their account was two months past due and the electricity was going to be shut off in less than an hour if they didn’t rush the payment in cash to CVS and drop it off through a kiosk inside the store.

“Apparently scammers use CVS all the time… and people fall for it,” Davis’s post read.

Davis said upon calling the real OG&E at 1-800-272-9741, they found it is was a scam and is currently targeting Yukon.

The fake number given by the scammers is 1-866-978-8351 and Davis said the recording at the other end sounds real.

“Please be aware this could happen to you or your business today or any day this week. Don’t be fooled,” the post read.

Other local businesses including Yukon Pet Care Clinic, 126 E. Vandament Ave., and Magnolia Lane Boutique, 701 S. Mustang Rd. were targeted by the scam and took to Yukon Happenings to warn others.

The Miller Grill also received two more calls today, according to a comment from Jason McCormack.

Other Facebook users commented on the warning posts mentioning Oklahoma City businesses this happened to Wednesday as well as multiple businesses who have been targeted by the scam in the past.

OG&E will not call if a bill is past due. They will send a letter in the mail and will give users a 48-hour notice of cutoff.

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